In yesterday's article we saw why it's wrong to give a woman your number (without taking hers) and wait for her to call us.

Now instead we see an efficient way to get the phone number.

Here's the situation: you're talking to a girl, you've created attraction and rapport… and it's time to ask for her number (unless you want to go for the one night stand of course).

There are many ways to do this, I suggest one that really works. It consists of 3 steps:

  1. Create a motivation
  2. Take the number
  3. Continue the conversation

In a second we will analyze them one by one, but first a very important thing!

Yes, because you can be as good as you want to ask for the number but if you make the mistakes that 90% of men out there do, game over! Yes, if she keeps making mistakes with a woman, it's over.

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So here we are with today's topic:

Asking for the number in 3 steps

1. Create a motivation

Creating a motivation means Define in advance what you are going to do together, then give her a reason to leave you the number.

It's important for three reasons:

a. It doesn't make her feel easy

For example if you say "You like place X? We could go for a drink" create a reason to see each other that has nothing "sexual-amorous" about it. Although it's obvious to both of you that it's a date, you impose a different structure, a different way of looking at it, so that she doesn't have to say to herself (or to her friends): "I'm going out with a guy I met for 20 minutes" but "I'm going out for a drink".

b. Does not create embarrassment / tension
The "frame" is not that of the date (with all the awkward moments that can be created), but of the "let's go for a drink", which is a harmless thing to do.
c. It gives confidence

Especially if you have been talking for a short time, it makes a lot of difference to her to know in advance what you are going to do. Remember that it is a woman, therefore defenseless from a physical point of view. If you define right away what to do, you give her much more confidence than a vague "Give me your number so we can go out".

Creating a motivation is therefore very important, in this regard I suggest to choose something of undemanding (avoid dinner as a first date) and in a public place (to give security).

I also suggest to have Always have a place in mind to go, so you don't overthink it when proposing it.

2. Take the number

When you get to "We could go do this or that…" it will obviously follow "Leave me your number".

As you can see, I did not ask for the number, I told her to give it to me. Obviously not in a dictatorial tone, but as if it were the most normal thing in this world, as if I were basically saying it to a friend.
Avoid "Could you give me the number"?"Or the "If you give me your number we can meet", remember: women like men who take what they want.

While you're saying "Give me your number" or "Let's leave your number." you give her the cell phone without waiting for an answer (because you take it for granted that she will give it to you)Avoid having it dictated to you, especially in noisy environments.

Then you tell her "I'll give you a ring" and you do it in such a way that she has your number and when you call her an unknown number will not appear on the screen.

3. Continue the conversation

After you get the number, don't run off like you've caught the rabbit in the sack!!! Continue the conversation!

For a girl it's not nice to see a man leave just after giving him the number.

Stay and continue the pleasant conversation. And of course if circumstances permit, go for the kiss!

You may be thinking that this is all a bit too complex, especially getting the phone number.

In fact you have to keep in mind that these steps have the purpose of minimizing all the little problems that can arise, you are not obliged to follow them all, but know that in this way you will have a better chance of success… and sincerely it would be a shame to make a mistake on something as trivial as a phone number after having completed a perfect interaction with a woman.

Also I can assure you that followed this sequence a couple of times, then everything comes automatically.

How you can?

Simply because everything we explain on SeduzioneAttrazione is natural seduction, so they are all ways of doing, thinking, behaving that you can naturalize, to make spontaneous.

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