Unconditionally loving yourself in the twenty-first century seems almost impossible. Every one of us has at least once gone on a strict diet to look pretty in a swimsuit, worried about having too small breasts and a fat belly, or retouched her photos on social media. Dissatisfaction with your body prevents you from living to the fullest, so let's learn to love yourself.

♪ Change your mind ♪

Mind your own thoughts: standing in front of the mirror, don't berate yourself, don't compare yourself to someone else, and better yet, don't judge yourself at all. Try to treat yourself with kindness and love and pay attention to the parts you like. Standing in front of the mirror, praise yourself and smile at your reflection. Positive mindset is the first step.

Change perception

You're ashamed of your body because it doesn't seem perfect to you. ♪ But what's the perfect body is up to you ♪. Flaws don't really exist at all: what's considered ugly today will be fashionable again tomorrow. So forget the imposed standards and appreciate yourself for who you are.

Change your surroundings

Your friends, intentionally or not, can be the cause of your shyness: one casual comment and there you are, standing there meticulously examining your ass. And if your friends make these jokes on a regular basis, think about whether they are friends at all. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about your own body, you're good just the way you are.

Change the ribbon

You wake up in the morning, flip through your Instagram feed, look at the retouched models, and then go to the mirror and get upset that you do not look like them. Change your approach: subscribe to brands that don't abuse photoshop, celebrities who promote body positivity and naturalness, or just leave your feeds with friends and animal memes only.

Change your lifestyle

Join a gym, start jogging in the morning, eat right, drink more water, or just dance in the evening in front of a mirror – confidence in yourself and your body will appear when you realize how strong and capable you are. The main thing is to set the goal correctly: you work out to get stronger and healthier, not to lose weight. And have fun – self-acceptance begins when we are truly high on life.

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