It's a well-known truth that girls grow up faster than boys. And if it's not so obvious when you're friends, when you start dating someone your own age you realize he's just a child. You'll still have time to babysit your future baby. You expect something different from a guy. So take a good look at your boyfriend and decide if you're going to make a man out of him (which, believe me, is going to take a lot of strength and patience) or if you'd rather let another girl babysit this brat. Determine 10 signs that he's not mature enough for a relationship.

He's inattentive

The inattention and absent-mindedness on his part shows that he can't think of anyone but himself. If your boyfriend can't remember a single date, from the day you met him to your birthday, if he constantly forgets what you said to him yesterday, today, and even an hour ago, then you don't need a boyfriend like that. A boyfriend, or anyone who's close to you, is supposed to pay attention to you.

He doesn't know how to cheer you up

What does your boyfriend do when you feel bad and sad?? Gives you space, cares, and tries to be comforting? Feeds you goodies, takes you straight to the movies/restaurant/ amusement park? That's great, don't miss it! But if he has no idea what to do, ignores your problems, or just runs away, he's probably not ready for a relationship.

He never takes the blame

A mature guy knows when and how to admit his mistakes. And if a guy blames everyone around him, and doesn't apologize for his own misdeeds, even though he knows he's to blame, he's definitely not ready for a relationship or any kind of responsibility. ♪ Or he's just a jerk, that's an option ♪.

He's doing everything to spite you

A guy who is not interested in a serious relationship will do things to spite you. For example, to write hurtful comments on your posts on social networks, if you have somehow hurt or offended him, flirting with your best friend to make you jealous, and similar antics… It's all very childish. And if a boyfriend can drive you crazy with this kind of behavior, it's time to break up with him.

He's more interested in his friends than he is in you

It's okay if your boyfriend goes out with his friends from time to time. And you're hanging out with your girlfriends. You all have your own social circles. But in case he spends most of his free time on his own company instead of dating you, that's a bad sign. He's more interested in playing PlayStation with Artem than going out with you? Chances are, he's not mature enough to have a relationship with a girl. Or he just doesn't really need you.

He's a helpless

A mature guy knows how to take care of himself. If your boyfriend can't make his own breakfast, clean his room, or iron his own shirt, a serious relationship is out of the question! It's possible that his mom and dad are just spoiling him. But there's nothing you can do about it. Such a guy will spend his life relying on the help of others and hanging on his parents' or his girlfriend's neck. You need it?

He's uncommunicative

Your boyfriend doesn't like to talk to you and is often withdrawn? If he refuses to communicate, it's probably a sign of his immaturity. Communication is really the most important part of a relationship, how else will you understand how your boyfriend feels? You're not psychic. He should deal with his inner problems before he gets a girlfriend. Although, maybe you do decide to help this shy kid out? If you try hard, things can work out. So good luck with that!

All he wanted was sex

Of course, if you're dating, there's still cuddling, kissing, and sex. Mature guys understand that relationships are about more than just sex, and you don't want to rush into them. If a boyfriend tries to trick you into intimacy from the very first minutes, think whether you really need this, not being able to control their hormones, teenager?

He doesn't think about school or work

Of course, who pays for dinner at the cafe can be decided in different ways. Any gentlemen left in this world won't let a girl pay for herself. Modern guys prefer to pay in half, well, "immature specimens" seem to think you can sit on a bench – why go to a restaurant and spend money? If your boyfriend "slows down" on his studies, skips classes, and doesn't think about making extra money to take you to a cafe, for example, it means he's not ready for a relationship with a girl. Why would you have a boyfriend who's always begging your parents for money, or even you??

He cares a lot about what people think

A sign of immaturity is insecurity. It's very important to your boyfriend what other people think of him? If he doesn't have an opinion of his own, and always sticks to the point of view of his friends or parents, your relationship is doomed. You need an independent and autonomous boyfriend to learn from.

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