No matter how hard we try to be best friends with our moms, fighting is inevitable. Every conflict with parents teaches us new lessons about how to be a good daughter at the same time.

Don't throw tantrums

No matter what the conflict is about, once you snap and throw a tantrum, you lose your last chance to win the argument. Tantrums are a childish pattern of behavior, parents won't hear your arguments when you yell and stomp your feet. Act like an adult and try to make as many valid arguments for your point of view as you can.

Shout-outs to the side

It'll make your mom even angrier, because you'll show your disrespect for her by yelling. Not to lose parental authority, she will definitely not go along with you, and on top of that, she will come up with a punishment for you.

Tears can't help

When you were 3, your tears could work wonders – they'd buy you toys and let you watch late-night TV, go along with any whim, just stop crying. Now that you're grown up, your mom should know that, and your tears will convince her otherwise.

Demonstrative silence

You can picture not talking to your mom, she will also be silent in response. You can play this cold war game for a long time. But remember, when you need your mom's help, she may continue your silence, and your strategy will backfire on you.


In conflict situations, always try to behave with dignity, rudeness turns any conversation into swearing. When you're asserting your right to be heard, you also have to listen to what you're told. And they're usually trying to give you the right message, which is worth listening to.

I'm leaving home!

When a fight breaks out, you have a hard time staying in the same apartment with your parents. Almost every teenager has left home – some for a few hours, some for a few days… Don't make that mistake again. Leaving home doesn't solve a conflict, it makes it worse. Plus, you can get in a dangerous situation and your parents won't be there.

Don't roll your eyes

How to get annoyed with a single action? It's easy – roll your eyes during a serious conversation with your mom, and you'll get a long parenting talk. If you want to avoid moralizing and get the desired result in an argument, try not to "pour oil on the fire" with picture stares. Also, remember that mom is older, and she knows how to roll her eyes much better than you!

Try not to say words you'll regret

In the heat of the moment we can say a lot of "good" to each other, which later we are very sorry. You'll say something very hurtful to my mom, and then, of course, you'll apologize. But your words may be deep in my mother's heart and cause her to ponder for a long time.

Do not drag both parents into conflict

If you quarrelled with his mother, you should handle the situation yourself. You shouldn't complain to your father and try to get him to take your side in a conflict. You can make them fight with each other, and your problem with your mom will remain unsolved.

10. Don't slam the door

Imagine my mother's response to your words, my mother leaves, rattling the door shut behind her. This is very offensive, and after such an action there is no desire to talk, much less to make peace. So do not do it yourself. You know how unpleasant that is.

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