Dating a guy is so exhausting. You are constantly under stress! You meet someone, you like them, and you're like, oops! – to him, too. It all starts with an innocent trip to the movies. Then a couple of touching dates… You'd think you could relax and enjoy yourself. And everything's going great! BUT, NO! You physically can not relax, constantly going over the options in his head of your apocalyptic future. There's something wrong with you? No, it's okay. In fact, that's what we're all about. And it's understandable. After all, none of us can predict what's gonna happen next. And it makes you feel… uneasy. So it's perfectly normal to worry a little. The main thing is not to overstep the bounds of reasonableness. And if you're too nervous, here are 12 signs to help you calm down and trust that you and your boyfriend are okay.

You're not playing with each other

Couples who really have a future don't play games. We mean games like purposely not picking up the phone when he calls, or flirting with other people to cause jealousy, that sort of thing.

You each have a life outside the relationship

It only seems great when people fuse into one living ball of nerves and follow each other anywhere and everywhere. In fact, in such a relationship it does not take long to suffocate from it all. For a long-term relationship, this scenario doesn't fit well. It's much more constructive to have your own hobbies, your own friends, and the opportunity and desire to be alone.

You're working on your relationship

Let's be honest. Any relationship can get boring after a while. And know that nothing happens by itself, you've been cheated. In order not to get bored in a relationship, you have to work at it. In order for everything to go well, you need to learn something new together, to think of interesting joint projects and please each other more often.

You support each other

In happy couples, people support each other. When things are tough, your partner will be there for you, offering a shoulder to lean on and help you make good decisions. And you can do the same for him. Otherwise, why are you together at all??

You know how to handle an argument

Fights happen in every relationship. It's impossible to be intimate with someone and not be mad at them. There's a future only where people have learned to hear each other and understand that they have to be able to negotiate. Holding your horn against the wall and getting mad until you win is not the way to go. And it leads to a dead end.

You're relaxed

You know, at the beginning of a relationship we're often nervous and constantly worrying about what he's gonna think, how we look, if we're eating that burger too piggybacked, and things like that. In time, it passes, we get used to each other, and it's easier to relax in the company of someone we like. If it's not happening, it's a red flag.

You don't violate each other's boundaries

Or, in other words, you're leaving the air. You don't follow up with him, he doesn't call you every 10 minutes. You trust each other, and you don't need constant proof of your happiness.

You just enjoy not doing anything together

No, it's not a joke. And that's very important. You can just talk about nothing or keep quiet or play snowballs. Anything. But you never get bored and the oppressive silence is not your option.

You trust each other

You don't seem to need to explain anything here. Trust is the key thing in a relationship. Without it, they're doomed.

You're honest with each other

Another important brick in the foundation of any relationship. If you can honestly tell him that you're annoyed by his habit of scratching behind his ear when he's thinking, that's something. Perhaps you will live happily ever after.

It's no problem not seeing each other for a few days

Yes, yes, it's strange, but the ability to spend time apart is an indicator of a healthy relationship. If you get hysterical every time he has to go to grandma's for a few days, there's something wrong.

You don't take each other too seriously

Couples who know how to laugh at each other are happy couples.

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