Boyfriends and relationships are great. And that's what each of us, well, there's no hiding it, is striving hard for. There's always someone there for you. Someone you love and who loves you. Someone to support in a difficult moment. Someone to lean on. But, as we said, every medal has a downside. No, no, we love them very much and can't even imagine life without them. That's not the point. It's just the way things work. There are things that are insanely annoying about relationships. And you and I both know what. Here they are.

  • You have to talk to him all the time. You can't just ignore the person you're dating. Because it's disgusting. But sometimes I wish I could turn off my phone all day.
  • They sometimes forget the previous point! Especially if you're lucky enough to date someone who's passionate and has a hobby.
  • It's expensive! ♪ Relationships cost money ♪. Take for example all those Valentine's Day gifts. And New Year's Eve?! So do the math.
  • When he's in a bad mood, you catch it too. It's love. But it's so annoying..
  • Or even worse, when he's in a bad mood, he acts like a real jerk. Cool… Mmm… Why don't you calm down first, and then we'll talk?.
  • You argue on the most idiotic occasions. It's inevitable.
  • Even if you don't like his friends, you have to hang out with them. And there's nothing you can do about it.
  • You have to do a bunch of ridiculous things you don't want to do. And you can't tell him how much you hate his stupid hobbies.
  • You have to factor it into your plans. You can't just decide to do something without your boyfriend.
  • Sometimes you want to be alone, but you can't admit it. "I want to be alone" is not an easy thing for us to say.
  • He finds idiotic jokes funny. And you feel like, "Mmm…are you serious???!!! Oh, come on?!"
  • And in general, he's kind of rude. ♪ Yeah, guys think it's cool for some reason ♪.
  • Sometimes you don't want to kiss him and he gets offended. But you really don't want to!
  • You spend less time with your friends. And that's a fact.
  • You're comfortable. It's not bad in itself. But it can quickly lead to routine and boredom.
  • You know he could very easily break your heart. And that's actually the scariest thing..

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