Today's society gives us a fantasy world:

  • instant free knowledge thanks to the internet
  • world communications at very low cost
  • possibility to travel with ease
  • freedom of speech, of thought, of religion
  • reduced cost education
  • public safety

Whatever you may think about today's world, those who lived even a hundred years ago didn't have the things listed above, and that's no small thing.

Freedom, knowledge, communication, are not data but are the fruits of discovery, sweat and struggle.

If you ask me, I will tell you that we live in a fantastic world, Of course, of course it has its dark sides, but you try to live in the Middle Ages for a day and then you tell me if we are not lucky now.

We are so lucky that often we forget the things that really matter, we find ourselves thrust into the fast and incessant flow of today's society, and we're always a little worried, busy, and disgruntled.

You want a snapshot of the direction in which today's society is going? Watch any movie where Manhattan, New York is mentioned.

Overworked men and women who have no time for themselves, friends, or children; junk food, class struggle, high social inequality, stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately it's getting easier and easier to get carried away and lost in the flow of this society that, from a certain point of view, wants us more and more:

  • Stressed and anxious
  • Hard workers
  • Consumers

Every now and then I look at all these people running, running, running… and I wonder, "But where the hell are they going?".

Run, run, earn money to buy the new model of cell phone, the car you can't afford, You run for no time to look at your wife who no longer smiles at you, run like this you will see your friends, your parents, your children less and less often, because there is no time for them.

But what do you care anyway, when you have a 10 meter SUV that you pay in installments until 2099?

No guys, every now and then, in this day and age, it pays to take a step back, breathe, calm down, and look at things as they are.

So I am writing what I consider a manifesto of living well nowadays and not getting lost in today's rush. I'm going to be pretty harsh sometimes, I do it to hit and make people think.

1. If everyone does one thing, it doesn't mean it's right, in fact, it's often just the opposite

2. "The things you own end up owning you" (cit. Fight Club); buy what you want if you like it, buy a nice car if you want to, buy a nice dress, you do very well, but not if it is a way of covering insecurities, you can't cure your pain of living for a bunch of extra horses under your ass, you can't hide who you are behind a designer dress

3. If you are a loser the latest model of SmartPhone from 1.000 euros doesn't make you cooler, it just makes you a loser with less money in your pocket, if you do this because deep down you think you can impress and conquer a woman, well… what the hell are you doing on this site?!?!?

4. Time can be used to earn money, but with money you can't buy back time, the older you get the more you realize

5. Writing on facebook your status every 5 minutes only makes me understand how lonely you feel

6. If you prefer a text message to talking to a person there is some problem that needs to be solved

7. If you play with your cell phone or text when you're out with friends next time you can just stay home

8. I don't care about your social mask built over years of constant practice, I care about who you really are

9. You are not your profession, you're not a factory worker, you're not a shopkeeper, you're not an entrepreneur, you're not a lawyer, you DO these things, I hope you consider yourself many more than your profession.

10. If we are among friends and you continue to imply your social standing by using business language you may as well stop talking

11. If you're socially important and don't show it or if you're nobody and don't care about it, You are much happier than most people

12. Smile, often that's all it takes

13. When a man is happy, everything else is "extra stuff", which there may be, but are not fundamental

14. Watching television is the biggest waste of time in the history of mankind, if you want to watch a few things you like once in a while that's fine, more than that you are throwing your life away

15. Checking facebook and email every half hour is the biggest waste of concentration and time in years

16. Every now and then stop, close your eyes, feel your body and turn off your brain

17. Eating isn't a means to an end, it's a time of reflection pleasure and sociality

18. As much as you think your problems are bigger than everyone else's, know that everyone else thinks the same thing about theirs

19. As much as you think you're right about how you think, remember that 7 billion people think the same way

20. However many problems you may have remember that a large part of the world lives below the poverty line, think about that before you complain

21. Doing 10 things at a time makes you do everything wrong

22. If you think that buying a nice car and keeping it for 5 years is better than a second smile of your woman, of your friend, of a child, then you are already dead

23. Seeing things around you is not the same as looking at them, hearing is not the same as listening, talking is not the same as communicating, start looking at even the simple route you take to work, start listening to others giving them your full attention, start communicating instead of talking to hear your voice

24. When you get angry with someone always remember that what annoys us in others This is what makes us afraid in us

25. As much as you may have, run, chat, talk on the phone, talk on facebook, use twitter, video call on skype, always remember that nothing can ever replace the face-to-face relationship between two people

26. If you read this article in too much of a hurry then stop and read it again

27. Every once in a while try leaving the house without a cell phone, without a smartphone, without a watch, without a computer, without a car, take a walk and be aware of how you feel; if you feel lost know that it happens to a lot of people, and it's a sign that it's time to take back your self.

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