Choosing a man or woman to marry is a crucial step in life. This decision will condition everything else in your life. You need to make the right choice to limit the risk of divorce. To find out if she's your soul mate, we've put together a a series of questions to ask before you get married to erase or confirm your doubts.


Questions to ask before you get married about home life

Questions about family and home life are important things to know before jumping into the deep end together. Many divorces are caused each year because of differences on this subject. Find some questions to decipher your partner's point of view:

  1. Are household chores only for women? ?
  2. Can you cook ?
  3. Do you know how to tinker ?
  4. What tasks do you plan to do at home ?
  5. What chores do you refuse to do around the house? ?
  6. Do you want to hire a cook and a cleaning lady ?
  7. If I'm sick, do you think you'll be able to manage the house by yourself ?

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Questions to ask before getting married about children

The question of children is of great importance in a couple. Before getting married, it is imperative to know if you are on the same wavelength with your partner and if there is something in it for everyone. Some people believe that everyone thinks they want to have children and start a family, but this is not always the case. In addition, the future couple may differ on the number of children they want or how they want to raise their children. Asking the right questions about children before you get married will save you from unpleasant surprises. Here are the questions:

  1. Do you want to have children ?
  2. How many children would you like ?
  3. Will you be willing to have an abortion in case of an unwanted pregnancy ?
  4. How do you want to raise your children ?
  5. Are you the type of person who encourages or punishes to motivate your children ?
  6. Would you rather have a babysitter or take care of the children yourself ?
  7. Are you willing to take maternity leave to care for the children? ?
  8. Do you prefer to enjoy life or save for your children's future ?

Questions to ask before you get married about the family circle

When you get married, you are marrying a person but also a family. Understanding the family philosophy and principles of the person you want to marry is essential. Here are some questions to learn more about your opinion of family:

  1. Are you close to your family ?
  2. How often do you plan to go to your parents' house each month ?
  3. Will you go with me when I visit my family? ?
  4. Would you be okay with my parents coming over to the house regularly? ?
  5. For or against a vacation with the family ?
  6. What are the important values in your family ?

Financial and professional questions to ask yourself before getting married

Many studies show that money and work are areas where couples do not always agree. In order to avoid future problems, each person's opinion on financial and professional matters should be put on the table. For this, you can use these questions:

  1. Do you have any outstanding loans or debts ?
  2. What are your main expenses in the month ?
  3. Are you a spendthrift or a cheapskate? ?
  4. On which expenses are you not ready to make an effort ?
  5. Do you want to have a separate account or a joint account ?
  6. Is saving money important to you? ?
  7. Are you more likely to borrow or save and buy ?
  8. Do you want both of us to work after the wedding ?
  9. Do you put your work before your family? ?

Questions to ask before getting married about sex

Sex life is the cornerstone of a couple's ability to make a marriage last a lifetime.. In this regard, it is essential to know each other's point of view and sexual history. Some questions to help you in this process:

  1. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease ?
  2. How much unprotected sex have you had in your life ?
  3. When was the last time you had a screening? ?
  4. Do you take a contraceptive pill ?
  5. What are your sexual fantasies? ?
  6. What do you like most about sex ?
  7. What sexual practices would you refuse to perform ?
  8. Regular sex is important to you ?
  9. Are you willing to do things you don't like to satisfy my desires ?
  10. Do you desire specific sexual practices : (swinger dating, caudaulist dating, scato dating…)

Questions to ask before getting married about religion

Questions about religious beliefs and religion are not the most common, but this topic should be discussed before considering marriage. If one is a fanatical, practicing believer and the other is an atheist, it will be extremely complicated to maintain a lifelong relationship in this context. That's why it's important to ask some questions about each other's faith and religion:

  1. Are you a believer or an atheist ?
  2. What is your religion ?
  3. Do you practice your religion ?
  4. How important is your religion in your life ?
  5. Do you want to instill your religion in our future children ?
  6. Do I have the right to interfere with some of your religious decisions ?

The most important questions to ask yourself before getting married

Everyday married life is not always so rosy, and the desire for happiness and passionate love are not always enough to sustain a marriage. Therefore, before becoming husband and wife, a man and woman should not only propose, but also ask the six questions listed below.

For they explain many things that may become a problem later, when habit and daily life replace infatuation. Those who have to raise children together or pay off a mortgage don't enjoy the happiness seen in romantic comedies. Questions exist, and answering them does not guarantee a long-term marriage, but it gives you a better idea.

Do we have feelings for each other ?

This may seem like a strange question, but it is a crucial one. Physical attraction and infatuation (all hormones) !) are often confused with deep love. The latter requires a totally different basis, based on friendship and mutual respect. Unlike sexual attraction and chemical infatuation, love does not always fade over time. And loving the other person as a person, creating a team with them, is essential, whether you're stuck in traffic together, arguing with the landlord or cleaning the garden.

How do we handle money ?

The subject of money is one of the most common causes of disagreements in a relationship. It is essential to check at least approximately the same box so that the relationship is healthy and no one feels wronged or disadvantaged.

If one person continually spends all their money on luxuries while the other saves for a condo, it's not conducive to a happy life together. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at the basic strategies for saving money. Conflicts will be inevitable if no agreement can be found. And they will always, always reappear.

What do we want to get out of our sex life ?

It is strange to bring up such a subject when everything is still buzzing with bees and flowers, figuratively speaking. But what seems unthinkable in the first year, and in the case of the fiercest, even in the second and third, will happen at the latest in the fourth year: Your desire to make love with your spouse will fade away. And it's good to take care of that in advance to avoid your partner going on a cheating dating site. Can we discuss it ? How will you handle it ? How ?

Can we communicate with each other ?

In general, the important phrase is "talk about it" – how effectively can we discuss critical issues on which we may disagree ? Is it always a debate, or can we sometimes reach an agreement with opposing views ? Is it possible to achieve a harmonious result ? A couple learns here over time, but eventually they should be able to confide their concerns or criticisms to each other without fear of being judged or counter-attacked by the other.

Do we have the same goals ?

So: children, home and retirement. Or: world travel, self-discovery and liberation. Love may be wonderful, but it doesn't have a real chance if one person has to give up their life's purpose because they can't live it with the other.

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