Flirting is a real competition between girls. Some people have had this art since birth, some people are learning it, and some people's attempts go nowhere-the guy runs away, flashing his heels. If you too have read a million articles on how to flirt with guys and unobtrusively let him know that you like him, but they did not help, then read our article – we will tell you how to flirt just do not.

Way one: Put your foot down

They say the best way to tell if a man likes you is to look at his feet while you're talking. If he's sitting down and the toes of his shoes are pointing in your direction, the man definitely likes you. It's true, but…for some reason no magazine says it's only relevant to girls! If a guy does that, we can tell by his body language if he likes us, but guys don't know that. Even if you're wearing nice heels, a guy will notice your feet, but will very quickly forget about it and not perceive it as flirting.

Alternative: Touch him while he's talking. Casually touch his arm, put your hand on his shoulder when you laugh at his joke, or do something similar. Just feel the line between "touching" and "from the joy of groping everything.".

Method Two: Wrapping your hair around your finger

Some girls think they look super sexy when they wrap a strand of hair around their finger and play with their hair all the time. The truth is, a guy doesn't see finger curling as a sign of sexuality – he thinks you're a nervous lady, and it's best to stay away from you.

Alternative: Shake your hair, ruffle it so that a few strands fall over your eyes, and it really looks sexy.

Method Three: Short runs to the powder room to powder your nose

It's not because you're wearing too much powder, it's because it looks weird, it's not flirty at all, and it has nothing to do with flirting. The guy is sure to wonder if you're okay, whether you should have been fed that cake in the first place, and he won't have the most pleasant associations.

Alternative: Worry about where to steer the conversation, not about lipstick. Better make every effort to look chic before you leave the house.

Method four: Wink

It may seem like a clich̩, but some girls think winking is a great way to flirt. Sometimes it does work, but most of the time guys don't get it, and if you keep winking, he might think you have a nervous tic. And yes Рhe'll run away, flashing his heels.

Alternative: Instead, hold a long eye contact – this will show the guy that you're really listening to him.

Method Five: Attempts to provoke jealousy

What do flirting and trying to provoke jealousy have in common, anyway??! They're not connected in any way, remember that. If you flirt with other guys while pretending that the real object of your fantasies isn't interested in you at all, he'll think so. Guys are straight as a stick and don't know how to recognize innuendo. If you don't want him to think you're not interested and switch to another girl, don't flirt with guys in front of him and definitely don't flirt with his best friend.

Alternative: Celebrate his personal qualities and accomplishments and talk about your own. That'll impress him a lot more.

Method six: Flood him with compliments

Praise him once, praise him twice, or at least praise him a third time, but don't do it all the time. Guys like to be appreciated, but not when they're praised-they feel uncomfortable.

Alternative: Compliment his T-shirt or his sense of humor in a subtle way, but don't praise him.

Method Seven: Laugh at everything he says

When you laugh at his jokes, it's cool – he feels just fine. But when you're faking laughter or giggling through a word, it looks weird and suggests that you're not yourself.

Alternative: Try smiling more often, guys really fall in love with a smile.

Method eight: Send him playful messages on social media

Social media is a great way to meet someone and even meet your love, but if you bombard him with hundreds of playful messages in the middle of the night, it will look like you're either desperate or an easy girl. I mean, what normal girl would text a guy she's not even dating yet??

Alternative: Monitor his social media for mutual friends or acquaintances that could introduce you or allow you to meet more often at common events.

Method Nine: Chewing Gum

Yuck, yuck, and yuck again. When you chew gum and blow bubbles, it doesn't look sexy and flirty, it looks silly and ridiculous.

Alternative: Chew gum before your date so you'll have fresh breath during the kiss.

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