You have a date with a woman but you are rather shy and you already stress about not knowing what to say ? Don't panic, with a little preparation, you'll see that the conversation will go by itself. Here are some of our best picks for you Conversation topics to discuss with a woman and tips on how to have a successful discussion with a woman !


24 interesting things to talk about with a woman

What can you talk about with a girl to pique her interest and make her think you are an intriguing person ? Our top picks for interesting talking points !

  1. Are you sweet or savory? ? Name one dish you can't live without.
  2. What kind of music wakes you up quickly, even after a restless night ? Name five songs that give you energy and make you feel optimistic.
  3. If you had to choose a vacation spot, which would you prefer: the seaside, skiing or historical tours ?
  4. Would you prefer a country house, a comfortable city apartment, or a trendy townhouse in a quiet, affluent neighborhood ?
  5. What nation would you want to reside in permanently if you had the opportunity ? Why ?
  6. Let's say you have a day of total freedom. What do you do with it: go on a mini-vacation, go to a club or stay in bed and watch your favorite movies ?
  7. If you could start a new job right now, what would it be? ?
  8. Tell us about your most fun bad habit that you can't seem to break. To what extent do they interfere with your life
  9. Do you know how to drive a car ? Are you a fearless and aggressive driver or a calm and level-headed driver? ?
  10. How many and what kind of pets do you want ? Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person ?
  11. Describe an important or life-changing event in the past year. What impact has it had on your life? ?
  12. Do you like to take pictures ? Do you save your favorite photos in a virtual gallery or print them out and put them in an old-fashioned album ?
  13. What kind of clothes do you like to wear ? Are you more concerned about femininity, beauty or comfort ?
  14. Do you have many friends? ? Do you like to spend your time at parties or in a quieter setting ?
  15. What are your favorite vacations that you look forward to every year ? Why they are the best ?
  16. Do you think you would be a good cook ? How often do you prepare various foods, and which one do you consider your favorite dish ?
  17. What do you do to pass the time when you are lonely ? Do you find it depressing or refreshing to have peace and quiet ?
  18. Do you stay in touch with your parents, siblings and other family members ?
  19. What is the most memorable gift you have ever received ? What was so special about him ?
  20. Can you go 24 hours without using any technology, even your phone ? Would you be uncomfortable if you met someone offline ?
  21. How important is sport in your life? ? Do you prefer fitness, running, gym or other type of exercise ?
  22. What makes you lose your footing in a few seconds ? How do you de-stress ?
  23. Do you like to be active or stay at home ? What memories from your past make you smile ?
  24. Were you lucky enough to have a good childhood? ? Would you rather go back and relive some of those moments, or would you want to do things differently ?

22 fun and unique conversation topics to bring up with a woman

Surprisingly, most of your acquaintances are often lost and don't know what to talk about with a woman when there are no more topics to discuss. A collection of fun conversation topics to get a woman talking will help you lighten the mood.

  1. Do you consider yourself an outgoing, optimistic introvert, or do you limit your socializing to a few close friends ?
  2. Do you know many jokes? ? Tell the fun one.
  3. Would you watch a current cartoon if it were on TV ? Or would you move on to something more adult ?
  4. Do you have an easy time getting along with children? ? Can you get on the same page with them ?
  5. After a long day, what do you like to watch at night: a sad melodrama, an action movie or a show like KVN or Comedy Club ?
  6. If you could take one thing for free from a joke store, what would it be? ? Would you fool your friends with these trinkets ?
  7. How do you feel about your friends' pranks and jokes, even the harmless ones ? Are you indignant, laugh, or instantly prepare a retaliatory prank ?
  8. Do you like to give toasts and congratulate others ?
  9. What do you prefer: a gift that you know about in advance, or an unexpected surprise ?
  10. How often do you laugh at your flaws or punctures? ? Is it simple for you ?
  11. What do you want to call your restaurant or hairdresser ? Do you choose a classic or a catchy tune ?
  12. Do you worry about looking stupid, ridiculous or laughable to others ? Are you constantly in control of your activities, or do you like to have fun? ?
  13. How do you feel about amusement parks ? Do you prefer roller coasters, vehicles, Ferris wheels or dynamic rides ?
  14. Are you prone to sadness ?
  15. Do you often laugh heartily and uncontrollably ? Or are you usually content with a polite half-smile ?
  16. Tell us the funniest or most ridiculous scenario that has ever happened to you. What emotions it evoked in you at the time ?
  17. What super power would you rather have ?
  18. Suppose you inadvertently lost your bathing suit top on the beach. How would you react in this difficult situation ?
  19. How do you react to someone else's tactlessness ? Can you laugh even if you are really offended ?
  20. Can you get out of a bad situation with dignity by using your sense of humor ? Is there a time when your sense of humour fails you and your fury takes over ?
  21. What humor makes you laugh even if you've never seen it before ?
  22. How do you feel about circus performances ? Do you think clowns are fun ?

25 Conversation topics to discuss when evaluating a woman

You don't need to check her education to know if your girlfriend is smart and serious; a list of important and in-depth discussion topics will help you gauge her psychological maturity and intelligence level just as well.

  1. If a time machine were created, what century would you want to spend a day in ?
  2. What kind of literature do you like to read ? Which book has left an indelible effect on you, and which has not ?
  3. Do you think you are adaptable ? Or, on the other hand, have you been involved in one or two activities for many years and have already reached some heights in them ?
  4. What role do you perceive as a professional path in your life ? Are you willing to give up something in exchange for a promotion ?
  5. What environmental efforts are you willing or have you ever supported ?
  6. If you had 25 hours in a day, what would you do with your free time ?
  7. If you were given a free vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why ?
  8. Where do you get your information about what's going on in the world: on the Internet, on TV or in newspapers ?
  9. Are there any personalities from the scientific, literary or cinematographic world that you admire ? For what accomplishments ?
  10. Tell us about your favorite movies or TV shows. What useful or good lessons did you learn from the plot ?
  11. Do you enjoy going to the theater, opera, ballet or other types of art ? When was the last time you saw a play? ?
  12. Are you paying attention to current events ? Or do you prefer the great classics ?
  13. Do you find it easier to study the humanities or math ?
  14. If you were to tell a visitor about your city or nation, what would you tell them first ?
  15. Are you interested in the political situation in the world ? What is your point of view, and why ?
  16. Do you think artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans in many areas ? Which area do you think is the least sensitive to technological progress ?
  17. Do you prefer to spend your free time reading, watching television or going on the Internet ?
  18. Suppose you need to engage an audience for 10-15 minutes on a whim. What type of speech do you prefer ?
  19. How would you describe your school experience ? Were you a favorite of your instructors, or were you regularly reprimanded ?
  20. Is there a custom in your family or close group that you have carried on and still follow ?
  21. Would you like to change careers, or do you think you made a good choice ? Why ?
  22. Do you think you can learn from the mistakes of others or do you prefer to make your own ?
  23. If money were no object, would you be able to become a housewife and devote yourself entirely to your family and your children ?
  24. Do you see a substantial change between generations ? What would you like to bring back from the past to show today's children ?
  25. What are you most proud of in your life ?

24 things to talk about with a woman about sex and relationships

The Topics of conversation with a woman about sex, love and relationships are an infinite domain where you don't need to look up words or worry about terminology. You have to be careful when approaching a woman, especially if she is a stranger. Take the biggest romantic themes with a bit of obscenity or, on the contrary, serious undertones if you want to "test the waters" of your chances.

  1. Do you think a man and a woman can be friends? ? Do you have boyfriends with whom you can never get out of the friend zone? ?
  2. Do you always follow the "three dates" guideline or do you act according to the situation ? What factors influence your decisions ?
  3. Describe your dream first date. What do you prefer: a romantic meal, a walk in the park, a fine dining establishment or a lively meeting place ?
  4. When you meet a man, what is the first thing you look for ? His physical appearance, style of dress, hairstyle, etc. Do they influence your decision ?
  5. Do you think that accidents do not happen by chance ? Are you willing to go crazy by giving in to the dictates of fate ?
  6. When you are with a man, can you let go of everything else ?
  7. Which of your previous relationships would you like to go back to in order to make amends ? Why ?
  8. Do you think you are ready to get married and start a family ? What is your ideal family life ? What do you want from your potential partner, and how much are you willing to compromise ?
  9. On what emotions should a family bond be based ? Is it possible to develop it with love, understanding and sex ?
  10. Do you want a lavish meal with a hundred guests or a small gathering with your closest friends and family ?
  11. How do you feel about cheating sites? ? Have you ever been betrayed by someone you care about, or have you ever cheated yourself ?
  12. Describe in three words what you mean by love. Without what, this emotion is, in theory, impossible ?
  13. Do you think sex without commitment is appropriate if both participants are not in a relationship ?
  14. Is jealousy an essential component of the relationship, or is it a symptom of mistrust ?
  15. In a marriage, do you normally play the leader or the slave position ? Do you often show flexibility, or do you stick to your guns and refuse to change your mind ?
  16. Do you prefer a peaceful, predictable relationship or an explosive, reckless one? ?
  17. In a relationship, do you prefer to listen to your emotions or your cold intelligence ? Do the two often clash, causing you to experience conflicting emotions ?
  18. What do you want to accomplish in the next five years ? What role do you want your family to play in your future plans ?
  19. How do you feel about civil marriage? ? Is your relationship a full-fledged family or a transient cohabitation ?
  20. Which male characteristic is capable of turning you on and which is the most repulsive ?
  21. Do romantic acts performed for you thrill you ? Or are you a practical person who prefers a home-cooked meal to a lavish bouquet of roses ?
  22. How long have you been in your most serious relationship ? Was it difficult to separate, or did you separate as friends? ?
  23. Do you want to have many children? ? How do you feel about large families without children ?
  24. Would you be able to end a relationship abruptly, by phone or text message ? Because of what, exactly ?

To learn how to broach sexual topics with a woman, you can check out this article: 50 Naughty Questions to Sexualize a Conversation

More tips on how to converse with a woman smoothly

Even if you know the best conversation starters by heart, it doesn't mean they will magically work. Traditional advice on how to act in this or that unexpected event can help you avoid potential problems.

What to do when you run out of things to talk about ?

You don't know what to say to the girl. So talk about you – it's a win-win situation for everyone, if not everyone, then many people. To sound like a thoughtful and engaged listener who cares about her, ask questions about her interests and hobbies, her hopes and aspirations, and listen carefully to the details.

How to find things to talk about with a girl ?

A ready-made list of topics for conversation with the girl melts in front of your eyes, and the discussion still doesn't go anywhere ? Fill the uncomfortable moment with a joke or humorous life story. Complex or unusual topics are not appropriate because they require the participation of both parties. As a last resort, invite her to the movies: you won't have to chat during the screening and you can discuss the movie afterwards.

What should you talk about with a woman you already know ?

Anything ! You can't filter the topic of discussion and catch the words if the girl is so close to you and has known you for so long. Even then, try not to cross his personal boundaries so that the communication does not leave a negative impression.

List of inappropriate topics to discuss with a woman

In every discussion, you should feel and take into account the mood of the person you are talking to as well as some of their personal qualities. Here is a list of topics that are not particularly appropriate for a conversation with a woman.

  • Don't talk about yourself all the time. Don't constantly talk about yourself.
  • You don't have to talk about your ex-partners (you risk showing that you are not over your ex)
  • Don't say anything mean about anything.
  • Don't bring up religious issues.
  • Avoid politics of any kind.
  • Keep things interesting by not immediately showing your emotions.
  • Avoid judging others so you don't end up on her "girlfriend" list.

Where to start when starting a conversation with a woman ?

Start with a light-hearted topic of conversation. Choose an easy topic for your first discussion with a woman that you can both talk about without feeling embarrassed. Don't tell her about the weird rash on your back or ask her to tell you about the most humiliating moment of her life, you can discuss that later after you get to know each other better. Choose neutral topics so that you can start a discussion in which she will feel comfortable. To start, here are some safe but entertaining topics for discussion:

  • Your favorite music bands;
  • the last movies you watched;
  • your pets;
  • Your siblings;
  • what you did this weekend or what you plan to do next;
  • your vacation plans.

Personal topics should be avoided. This guideline is about starting a discussion on a simple topic. More in-depth discussions can take place if the girl gets to know you better, but for now, it is best to avoid talking about deaths in the family, your first love, unusual illnesses or concerns about death. If you and the girl have an immediate connection, you can quickly move from small talk to more important topics, but avoid getting too personal when you start talking to her, or she might pull away.

Okay, if she has started a discussion on a personal topic and wants to continue it, you can support her and see where it goes, but you still need to be careful.

How to continue a discussion with a woman ?

Take note of the girl's facial expressions and body language. If she pulls away or seems upset when you ask a basic question, it may be a sensitive topic for her.

You can hold the girl's attention and make her want to continue the conversation if you smile and act favorably. Although you should not smile until you have a chill on your cheeks, it is good to do so whenever possible. This will show the girl that you like to converse with her and will create a favorable image of you. You may be so tense that you forget to smile, so keep that in mind. Smiling is essential when you first meet the girl and at the end of the conversation. It is essential to start and end on a positive note.

The eye contact is essential for the woman to feel valued and to show that you are interested in what she has to say. You may feel uncomfortable while talking to her and start looking around because you are afraid to look at her, but try to break this habit. You don't need to look her in the eye with tension and love, as this might scare her; just look her in the eye throughout the conversation to make her feel important. If you find it difficult or prefer not to make eye contact with the person, look at their nose – look, but do not stare.

This is essential for the woman feels unique as soon as possible. You can express your concern by asking about her or what she has been doing recently. Questions don't have to be very personal – in fact, they shouldn't be – but they should demonstrate your interest in her and her life. If she doesn't ask you anything, you can refrain from asking questions for a while; she probably feels questioned. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Her hobbies and interests;
  • her favorite bands, literature and TV shows;
  • Her favorite school subjects;
  • Her ideal career;
  • Her closest friends;
  • her plans..

After a brief conversation, you can pay her a small compliment to show that you appreciate her efforts. There is no need to be deceptive when complimenting her. You can compliment her sweater, her new haircut, her jewelry, or even a personality trait. One compliment per conversation is enough. Don't overload her with compliments and don't give the impression that you are not serious in your comments.

How to keep a woman's attention during a conversation ?

Look for common topics

Once you have started a discussion, look for common ground so that you can find out more quickly what to talk about. You don't have to have the same hobbies, but it will make the discussion go more smoothly. When talking to a woman, try to determine if you have anything in common – if you grew up in the same place, if you like the same sport, or if you have a friend or teacher in common. When you have something in common, you can open up, enjoy the discussion and talk about new things.

Let things happen

If she doesn't share your hobbies, try to continue the discussion. This is another approach to keeping the conversation going and showing the girl that you enjoy talking to her and that you care about her. If you seek her point of view, she will realize that you see her as an individual and value her opinions. You can ask her about the political situation in the country or simply ask her if she likes your new shoes. She will understand that you are not just trying to pick her up, but that you are you are really interested in her as a person.

Take advantage of your surroundings

If you are concerned and the discussion fades, look around to see what you can use to your advantage. If there is a concert poster hanging behind you, you can ask the woman if she likes that band. Maybe you're at a coffee shop and you want to know if she goes there to read. This doesn't mean you have to start looking around as soon as the chat starts; instead, look for signs in your environment when uncomfortable pauses start to appear between you. This is an original approach to hold a girl's attention and keep the conversation going. She will be surprised by your observation skills.

Make her laugh

It is a good idea to make a woman giggle if you want to keep her attention. If you make a woman laugh, she will want to continue the discussion with you, so look for circumstances where humour can be used to dilute the situation. You can quietly make fun of yourself, make a clever joke about a mutual friend, or tell her a joke if you think she'll laugh. You can tell her a funny story if it is not too long and complicated. Don't overdo it, but try to find ways to make the woman laugh.

How to end a conversation with a woman ?

Set yourself apart from the others

To impress her, you don't need to be able to do crazy things. However, it's essential to end the discussion in a way that makes her feel like she recognizes you and know what sets you apart from the crowd. It could be your sense of humor, your charisma or your passion for the piano. Whatever it is, be honest with her and show her who you really are. This way, the next time she meets you, she'll have something to talk about and a warm memory of the last time she saw you.

Be yourself

Be yourself and remember that the girl is just as scared as you are. This means that you should not tell her made-up stories to pique her interest. For example, you shouldn't talk about your passion for motorcycles just because you think it would make you look cool. Also, don't swear or say hurtful things about other people just to get their attention. Instead of making a spectacle of yourself, take a deep breath, relax and talk about what you would talk about with a friend.

End on a high note

If you know that the discussion is coming to an end, no matter what the topic of conversation is with a woman, end it on a good note. If you've spent the previous five minutes complaining about your parents, your instructors, the weather, or anything else that irritated you, she's unlikely to remember your conversation fondly. Your goal is to give the girl a pleasant aura and make her remember you as someone who was fun to talk to rather than someone who was boring or even annoying.

Maintain your confidence

Don't forget to keep your confidence throughout the conversation. Show the girl that you believe in what you are saying and that you are proud of yourself. If she senses this, she'll know that you're comfortable with yourself, that you're fun to be with and easy to talk to. If you are worried, self-deprecating or complain that you have nothing to say, she will not feel comfortable and will probably not want to talk to you.

When the relationship takes shape and you plan to get married, the following article will help you make your choice: the list of questions to ask yourself before getting married to erase or confirm your doubts

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