La disco is a particular place. Lights, sounds and alcohol make it a kind of world apart where many things are allowed, where actions that outside would be considered as vulgar or too aggressive are seen as perfectly normal.

The disco, however, has also some peculiar characteristics that induce to approach a girl in a different way than usual. It's not easier or harder, just different.

So picking up a girl in a disco is completely different than picking her up in other places.

There are clubs and clubs. As far as seduction is concerned, you usually find yourself much better in outdoor clubs where the music is less loud and there are more places to talk. But do not be discouraged, just a few targeted measures and you will not feel the difference between an approach in a closed and noisy and an outdoor more "communicative".

There are many men who try to conquer a woman in the disco using the strategy of "rubbing", but there are few who succeed and often the girls who are there are not exactly the kind of woman with whom one would like to put together.

What I propose is a verbal approach, that is, simply talking to a woman. But in such a particular environment you must follow certain rules, as explained well in the Ebook How to meet new women.

So let's see how approach a girl in a disco, ie what to do in practice.

1. Be energetic

This is the general rule: disco is a high energy place, consequently if you want to get attention you need to have more energy than everything that is happening around you.

Girls have so many things that can distract them: friends walking by, people pushing, friends wanting to take them dancing, etc. etc.

What you have to do in the approach is to have their attention… and not only: you have to get theirs total attention in very few seconds. If you do not, something or someone will do it for you.

Personal energy is an internal feeling, something we have inside us. But this something is expressed in different ways. Follow the points below is useful to make your communication energetic.

2. Raise your tone of voice

This is fundamental, fon – da- men -ta -le ok?

Disco is a very noisy place, and if you want to know everything, discos are structured to make communication difficult because there is an inverse relationship between difficulty in talking and alcohol consumption: the less people talk, the more they drink; the more they drink, the more the disco earns.

Your voice must overpower the music, whether you're in the spot where the volume is lower or you're in the middle of the runway, your voice should be heard perfectly.

How do you know if you are loud enough??

Very simple: if the girl after your approach says "Eh? I don't get it" means you have to turn up the volume.

This is not only to attract attention but also to generate more attraction.

A woman in a few seconds is already making an idea about you. Obviously this idea isn't complete, but first impressions count for so much and a nice powerful voice makes a difference.

3. Gesture and be expressive

The eye is captured much more by things in motion than by static things. For this reason you must gesticulate more than usual while talking.

In addition to just gesturing, all your communication must be as expressive as possible, To do this, modulate your movements, voice and facial expressions.

4. It takes up space

The more space you occupy in the field of vision of the girl you want to conquer, the better. Besides getting you more attention it will also serve to show more dominance. The alpha males in fact tend to occupy more space than others.

So don't just sit there with your legs curled up, or stand there against the wall. Spread your legs and keep your shoulders straight: take your space!

5. Bring fun

The disco is the place of fun par excellence. For this reason a fun approach will always be well appreciated. Instead of the usual "Hi, can I buy you a drink" make a funny joke.

But before that the important thing is you are having fun. If you first have fun you will bring energy in the approach and the girl will feel it immediately, giving you attention and realizing that you are different from all the other boring men who usually try with her.

After you have brought energy and fun you can move on to the real seduction process.

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