The hands of a man are important, and their care is often underestimated.

Men's hands are often looked at by women: they are a part of the body that many men neglect thinking that it is not relevant and instead the attention often falls on it and "badly held" hands make you lose a lot of points.

Yes because hand care your hands, like everything related to personal hygiene and basic body care, does not give you extra points if present but takes away many points if missing.

In other words: if your hands are manicured you are not cool , but if they are not you have already made a bad impression.

If then you don't get extra points because I talk about it in an article?

Because hand care is one of those basic issues that some men neglect, and while trying to learn very complex seduction techniques "fall" on these things so simple, simple because it takes nothing to have normal hands!

So what do I mean by "care of hands"?

Of course you have to go every week to get a manicure!

Schezo Scherzo! That's all we need!

Just make sure your hands are clean (eyes to nails) and don't have big calluses (although to be fair, some women like calloused hands, but they're a minority).

But … really women look at men's hands?

Sure! Try asking your friends, you'll see what they'll say!

He also points out Apprentice in your comment:

Reading the blog,I have changed outwardly,now I always take care of my hands,and I do hygiene cleaning constant and perfect,some times she would point out the hands that were not perfect […]

So why are hands so important?

The reasons are many:

1. Hands are expressive

Like the face, the hands in communication are strongly expressive especially in Italy. The whole world knows the strong Italian gestures, the English say that we "talk with our hands" and in a certain sense they are right.

So when you meet a woman is natural that at certain times its attention falls on them. Also, the eye is attracted to moving objects, and hands often are in a conversation.

2. Hands are revealing

Where to put the wedding ring? On the ring finger of course, but it's not just that. The hands of a man can tell a woman what kind of work he does: he does manual work or he sits in front of a pc?

This was more true until a few decades ago, when manual labor conditions were harsher and ways to cure ruined hands were uncommon.

Now instead it is very easy to do manual labor and still have manicured hands.

3. Hands touch

The first contacts between man and woman come through his hands, and even after when you get closer and closer to sex are the hands to "discover new parts" of the female body.

4. Hands go forward in the places of pleasure

Before having sex with a woman for the first time, usually, it is the hands that go to touch and stimulate the intimate and delicate parts. If you were a woman would you like to be touched "there" with some unkempt hands?!

I don't think so, so you know what you have to do! 😉

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