How difficult it is nowadays for curvy people to feel comfortable in this world where we are bombarded with photos of men and women no larger than size 38. That's how round dating sites have developed. Discover in this article which site to use to meet a curvy woman and our advices to succeed in a curvy meeting !


What is the best dating site ?

1# Dating-round, the leader of the round dating

Dating-round is the best round dating site on the internet. This site is for men and women with curves but also for people who like curves. The atmosphere on the site is very friendly and it is very easy to meet people. Also, since everyone is FOR people with shapes, approaching a person will not be difficult.

Website :

2# ContactBBW, the site of relaxed round dating

ContactBBW is a site entirely dedicated to curvy women and men who appreciate their curves. On this site, you will find women who are looking for a serious relationship as well as a purely sexual relationship without commitment.

Website :

3# C-dating, the site for a sex encounter with a plump woman

C-dating is not a site specialized in round dating but many round women are present there. C-dating is the leader of the naughty dating in France, you will have no trouble to find a booty call with a round woman on this site !


Why use a dedicated site to meet a plump woman ?

Thin people have to be careful and envious of fat women. Actually, according to a study, curvy women make men happier than thin women. When you are single and you don't fit these "beauty criteria", you may find it difficult to register on general dating sites. Indeed, these sites often display people with perfect looks on the homepage.

Often, curvy people register on standard dating sites by cheating a little on their measurements and posting slightly retouched profile pictures. This strategy is not necessarily the right solution. Sites specializing in curvy dating attempt to facilitate meetings between curvy people and curvy lovers. These sites offer a way to accept your curves.

Who is surprised that as time goes by, more and more singles resort to virtual dating ? Experts have recognized that dating sites that focus on a particular target group would be a win-win situation for all parties involved due to the large number of users of different ages, intentions and other characteristics. As a result of the growing demand for online dating alternatives, different types of singles platforms have emerged.

Casual dating, dating after 50 years old and round dating are all options. Moreover, with the considerable number of singles sites available, the chances of a successful search have already increased. Dating sites for strong women increase the chances of being able to leave the single life quickly.

Women with curves often lack confidence in their chances of success in the traditional dating market. Self-esteem decreases in men and women who go to the gym several times a week and do not subject their bodies to unnecessary fat grams, resulting in a submissive attitude. With the advent of fat dating sites, even shy individuals now have the opportunity to find someone who will accept them as they are.

Fat dating: pros and cons

Online dating is essentially a two-edged sword, and this is due to more than a few bad apples among the sites. Anyone wishing to do BBW dating needs to know the pros and cons of dating and what is essential when dating on the websites involved.

Benefits of a BBW dating site

  • Meet BBW women with a specific goal in mind.
  • A group of like-minded individuals
  • Satisfied users
  • No judgments or sideways looks

The benefits start with the fact that BBW dating sites are no different in terms of usage from other dating services. A quick registration and profile organization, and you are ready to start looking for partners. In terms of seriousness and respect for the privacy of users, provided that the required information has been obtained beforehand. Fortunately, we have a list of websites where you can sign up without worry.

Users are very active on the sites to meet a fat person, and the goal is obviously to meet someone for the long term, not just for one night. Chubby men and women are talkative and open-minded, which can lead to a pleasant conversation. Sites take great care to prevent insults, providing a safe environment for serious relationships for strong people.

The disadvantages of a fat dating site

  • Selection is more limited than on other sites
  • Among the members, there are some black sheep

Where there is money, there will be crooks, and it is no different with online dating. One drawback is that, although there is a lot of activity on sites dedicated to single plus size women, the selection is not as good as on "normal" dating sites. Many men and women start their search for love on dating sites where they can mingle with other singles.

Online dating, especially as a woman, should generally be approached with caution. Not all contacts are serious in their search among the many guys. Beautiful, curvy women can meet men who are just looking for a noncommittal experience, but only reveal it when it's too late. Therefore, On a dating site for curvy women, it is important to take the time to get to know each other beforehand.

Meeting a curvy woman: why it's so attractive

Many ladies who exceed the standards of thinness are probably unaware of this. In fact, many men are attracted to curvy women. But why are they intrigued and attracted to curvy women ? For a long time, it was thought that beauty standards revolved around a small waist and nicely shaped breasts. Even men who secretly like curvy women rarely express it in public.

Yet, it is in the basic nature of men to find a person with a well-nourished physique attractive. It denotes wealth, which is why, even in the Middle Ages, full-bodied women were preferred for marriage and thin women for pleasure. Female curves indicate fertility and robust offspring, which can be linked to primordial desires for procreation.

Away from evolution and things that are hardwired into human beings, eroticism is unquestionably important. Many men are intrigued by the idea that curvy women are better in bed and make more effort. There's more to talk about with them, and coitus isn't about hitting the pelvic bones because of their lumps. A shapely chest combined with a beautiful face and big lips, and many men's dream comes true.

BBW women, on the other hand, are known to be extremely warm and loving outside the bedroom. They pay attention to their spouse and want a polite touch in a relationship that is always at eye level.

Tips for success on a round dating site

Is the registration to a dating site for curvy women already over ? It would be great, but you can't expect every single fat woman to line up and wait for new members to snag them directly. If you are looking for a fat date, you should not sit around and hope for the best. In the worst case, nothing happens. Without effort, internet dating is as successful as sitting in a coffee shop and expecting the person of your dreams to just sit down.

Starting with the profile, it is essential to give only accurate information. The cheater should not be shocked if the first authentic meeting ends in disaster. What applies to other singles also applies to the hunt for curvy women. Honesty lasts the longest and is essential to meeting the right person.

There is nothing wrong with registering on several round dating sites at the same time to increase your chances of success. However, you should only use one profile at a time. This means that the images, names and information must be identical. After all, it is possible that women are not active only on one platform. Singles realize that someone is really looking for them. Different profiles on other sites look suspicious and should be avoided at all costs.

As far as communication is concerned, care should be taken that it is not derogatory or similar in any way. A constant comparison between overweight and thin women can quickly end the conversation. Even if you like going to the gym, hiking, or playing another sport, it shouldn't be the subject of every third message about how rewarding sports can be.

How to meet and seduce a BBW woman ?

The rivalry in the hunt for fat women is fierce, and many guys want to meet BBW ladies. But how to stand out from the crowd and become the contact that curvy women are looking for ? In general, the process is the same as for other dating sites.

Of course, you should fill out your profile thoroughly and honestly beforehand. Men should take their time and not give lukewarm information about themselves. The more engaging and attractive the dating profile, the more likely it is to get a response to contact requests. Single women's profiles should also be carefully reviewed in advance. Often provides ideal information to start a conversation and break the ice.

The women with curves are fun-loving singles and are not looking for the opposite. Boring and meaningless words are therefore doomed from the start. Creativity and charm are in high demand and already play a role in making contact.

The ice has been broken and the conversation has begun ? It's just a matter of staying focused and not talking nonsense. Women who are happy with their curves don't need constant comparisons to thin women or reminders about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

After all, deep discussions and transparency are much better to keep the communication going. The interests that singles mention on their profile suggest which topics of discussion in the chat room can be a full success. Otherwise, questions about weight should be avoided as much as possible. How about asking about your future plans instead ?

Round women are considered to be women who are looking for a long term relationship but can also be looking for a sex encounter. What could be more appropriate than asking future-oriented questions ? This way, it is immediately apparent that getting to know each other has a serious purpose and that you are interested in your opponent. Questions about interests, aspirations and personality are the type of communication that can quickly turn a casual conversation into a passionate discussion.

How to have a successful round date with a woman ?

The introduction

The initial obstacles were overcome, and getting to know each other on the dating site led to the possibility of a real meeting with curvy women ? Suddenly, questions come up that you hadn't thought of at all. Who could have predicted that it would work out so quickly, and that the first date might only be a few texts away ? Don't worry, we are well prepared and have some ideas for a successful date.

Most singles ask themselves this question when it comes to the first date with the right person. You don't want to look boring.. Is there a sentence in the conversation that your interlocutor found particularly beautiful ? The first date should always to take place on neutral ground, according to the basic guideline.

Ideally, in a place where other people are also present. It builds trust, which is especially important before the first real date, so no one is shying away. From here you can always go to the movies or take a walk by the lake.

Dress code

Dress code is sometimes determined by what is planned for the first date. Sweatpants and baggy sweaters are great for lounging around the house, but not for a first date. It is not necessary to wear a suit, but you need at least a pair of denim pants and a shirt. Business casual is appropriate for almost any type of date.

The topics of discussion

Have you ever considered going on a first date with a BBW woman or a fat man ? A few seconds or minutes of uncomfortable quiet can ruin a lot of things. To avoid this, it's a good idea to prepare a few talking points ahead of time to bridge these gaps. You can read our article dedicated to conversation topics to make it easier for you.

Patience is a virtue

The first date – tingling in the stomach and a desire for the evening to drag on. However, after a few hours, it's time to say goodbye and look forward to seeing each other again. Even when saying goodbye, you can still make a lot of mistakes, so don't rush things. When you decide to give a kiss or an embrace, always choose the safest option. Patience is a virtue, and it is especially important when you meet single women who are round.

The state of the art of dating for round people in our society

Lonely nights filled with chores and discord. In France, millions of single men and women of all ages and a variety of colors and shapes are still waiting to find the love of their lives. However, one group of individuals has a particularly hard time finding a suitable partner: singles with a few extra pounds. But why is it so difficult for single curvy people to find the right partner to accompany them ? Is it because they differ not only physically, but also by their character ?

Because many men and women strive to meet beauty standards, the quest in everyday life is often more difficult for corpulent people. Fitness and nutrition are increasingly popular topics, and they have taken on importance in society far beyond individualism. Anyone who doesn't take care of their health, who is slim and trim, and who doesn't exercise or do yoga in the morning, seems almost inhuman.

How are core values supposed to manifest themselves when singles barely have time to say "hello" ? Therefore, fat people are more attracted to dating sites dedicated to fat people, where the pool of potential partners is larger from the start. Single men who have a weakness for curvy women register on the so-called specialized sites.

If in real life, the first impression usually means separation, this is not the case in online dating. Photos, descriptions and profiles serve as virtual business cards to which other members can choose to respond or not. However, among the many sites dedicated to fat dating, it is important to identify those who are trustworthy and preferably only those members who are not prejudiced against people with curves but who are particularly looking for them. In this article, we offer you the best sites for round dating.

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