Of course, we all read "What's Good and What's Bad" when we were kids?"but somehow in life, it's a little more complicated than that. And sooner or later, that kind of trouble can happen to anyone. Yes, yes, he's a great guy, you like him and he likes you, but, but the trouble is, he's already got a girlfriend. Though, is that a reason to stop? I mean, you guys are literally made for each other, aren't you?? And in the end, he'll probably go to you… We've been there. But… Don't get your hopes up, you're fooling yourself. And someday it will be obvious. Maybe right now? On this occasion, we've put together 12 things we all lie to ourselves about when dating a guy who already has someone.

He's cheating on his girlfriend with me because he's really in love with me

Okay, stop! Yeah, maybe he likes you. How else could it be? He's paying attention to you. But! Trust us! If he suddenly had serious feelings for you, he'd break up with his girlfriend first.

His girlfriend is bad, and she deserves it

Often these lovers of pretty girls tell you how bad their date is and how hard it is for them in this relationship. She's jealous and angry and won't let him do anything. Oh, you poor thing! He's in so much pain. You know why he's doing this? So you feel sorry for him. It makes it easier for you to justify your bad behavior. It's easier for you if you imagine her not as a living person, but as a deranged monster.

One day he'll leave me

It's the most classic self-deception. No, sometimes it happens, of course, but most of the time it doesn't. In reality, he'll probably drag this out as long as possible. And to expect his girlfriend to leave him…

I'm doing everything right, because..

Don't bother making excuses. Whatever you're thinking, you're wrong. Cause he's not free. Point. The only question is if you didn't know in the beginning that he was busy.

He's really unhappy in this relationship

Really? Oh, that's a shame! Then why is he still with her?? Well, you have a decent answer to that question? Probably not.

It's better than nothing

It's not true. It's no better than being alone. Even if you're scared of him. ♪ And you really deserve better ♪. Maybe we should wait?

If he could leave her for me, he would

Wait, why… why can't he..? What's holding him up?? Is that a felony?? We didn't get it.

I feel so sorry for him. It's so hard for him

Oh, yeah. Dating two awesome girls is really that hard. We sympathize with him as a whole. Some even shed a tear. But wait a minute… Someone's making him do it? I don't think so. It's his choice. He is where he wants to be.

He's so sweet, he takes care of me

In any wrong relationship, insignificant details come to the fore. To draw attention away from what's really important. It gives you flowers every day? That's touching! But wouldn't it be better if he'd make up his mind who he's with??

If I leave him, I'll never find anyone else

This is the kind of stupidity that doesn't need to be commented on.

He's a very good man

It looks like. After all, he's the one who's cheating on his girlfriend, lying to her. He is dishonest, dishonest, hides your relationship from everyone, selfish, absolutely does not think about your feelings and experiences. He's a great guy! Finding! Congratulations!

He'll never hurt me

You're sure? After all, that's exactly what he's doing now.

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