Many men shower women with compliments, often without them having earned them yet.

If you have tried such a tactic, you should have realized that doesn't lead anywhere.

Instead many men, not content with the negative feedback they most likely received from the real world about the ineffectiveness of this strategy, search online for phrases to win a girl over, phrases to impress, or even worse "sweet things to say".

By doing so They dig a deeper and deeper chasm for their dick Who, with these mediocre and non-functional strategies,

Will only get out of their pants to go to the toilet or pee.

In today's article we'll see how it's actually absolutely possible (and necessary) to compliment a girl in a way that Does not make you lose value in her eyes, i.e. in the correct way.

First of all we will see things never to do and subsequently how to compliment a girl in the right way,

i.e. without always leaving her with complete confidence that you just complimented her.

Complimenting a girl: what NEVER to do (even if it means cutting out your tongue)

There are mainly 3 categories of compliments to a girl that kill your chances of having sex with her.

  1. Sweet things to a girl

I know you might want to be sweet and gentle but, like it or not, this stuff with her does not work.

Maybe you're wondering why she's with that jerk who treats her badly instead of you who would shower her with sweet, kind words.

Well, if you've ever wondered something like this you should have noticed that the answer to your question lies within the question itself and that is…

You are much more receptive to a behavior that is diametrically opposed to your.

The truth is that every time you think of excruciating phrases to say to a girl in the series "the worst romantic comedy", you are literally stoning your dick.

If you are part of this category I do not lose myself further, I do not think I have to convince you. The world out there should have already given you ample proof that what you're doing isn't working. You just needed someone to point it out under your nose.

  1. Compliment a girl on her beauty

You should also have realized that compliments to a girl for her beauty like…

"You're beautiful"

And shit like that… do not work.

Women (the beautiful ones at least) get compliments on their beauty all the time. They are not receptive to this type of behavior and the only thing you achieve by doing so is to pass:

  • How incompetent in male-female relationships
  • Equal to all others (but not equal to those who make her wet)

Simply put these compliments to a girl immediately make you categorize her as male of little value and undesirable, even though she might initially be attracted to your looks.

  1. Compliments to a girl just met

Another category of men are those who give a barrage of compliments to a woman right away, that is before she has deserved them in any way.

In a nutshell, this attitude is seen as a kind of Lick the ass and makes her think that you have a course of action that leads you to give compliments not because you really feel them, but because you want to get something, even if it seems to you that they are genuine.

Plus it makes the girl feel right away that she can have you whenever she wants, or in other words, she has more value than you.

This leads to two problems:

  • First: they have a mechanism in their potato that makes it dry when they know 100% they can have you.
  • Second: they want to have sex with men of higher value than theirs and you with this behavior are sub-communicating and communicating to her exactly the opposite.

Ok. By now you should have at least figured out that when it comes to how to impress a girl this is not the way, or rather these are not the ways.

Now let's answer a question that you might rightly have in mind.

"But then I can never give a woman a compliment, otherwise I risk losing her?"

I absolutely did not say that.

The fact is a compliment to a girl is none of this. Nor is it about saying nice phrases or words to a girl.

Far from it..

It involves complimenting her on something that she's really interested in Not related to physical appearance or do "compliments" using microcalibration.

These will be the topics of the next two paragraphs. So let's see what are the compliments to give a girl and in what way.

First type of compliments to give a girl: compliment her on something that isn't about appearance

"How to tell a girl she is beautiful?" A lot of men ask themselves…

This question is actually irrelevant. If she is, she already knows: every day she receives confirmation of this from the outside world. So a compliment like this doesn't even register by his "radar".

The number 1 way to compliment a girl is to compliment her on:

  • Characteristics of her personality
  • Things she has achieved in life and not because of the fact that she has a nice ass
  • Things she is working on
  • Really interesting passions
  • Ambitions
  • Values
  • Etc, etc, etc. (you should get the hint by now)

A note to what I just told you.

It is important that the compliments in question are feel on your part. Don't do them just because they seem to fit into this list, otherwise it's very likely that the girl or woman will perceive them as not genuine.

This will produce an effect whereby it will appear that you are only complimenting her in order to get something and therefore this will be categorized, consciously or unconsciously, as an undesirable attitude.

It's also pretty obvious, or at least it should be, that to give compliments of this type you need to know the girl for a minimum amount of time for you to actually give such compliments.

In fact it is impossible to make them without knowing something about her that can trigger a compliment of this type.

Second type of compliments to give to a girl: compliments using the technique of microcalibration

We've seen the first type of compliment but, if you've been paying attention, you'll have immediately noticed that this kind of compliments do not create a particular atmosphere man woman.

In other words, they let her know that you like her on a personal level, but they don't let her sense that do you want to have sex with her.

On the other hand, we also said that you don't want to make this too obvious, otherwise she'll lose interest.

How to do then?

You use a technique called microcalibration.

Let me quickly explain what it consists of.

When you compliment a girl you are basically giving her a interest indicator.

What most men do, as we've seen, is shower her with compliments or indicators of interest. She usually reacts to these indicators passively or by reciprocating them much less than you do.

This implies that your value goes down compared to hers and she inevitably loses interest.

More worst is the case (this is where a lot of men screw things up completely) where she gives you an indicator of disinterest by saying or doing something not exactly positive about you, and you chase her down with further compliments or indicators of interest.

What you want to do instead is "microcalibrate".

This means alternate, as in a dance, your interest indicators to disinterest indicators.

A kind of mixed signals technique, but it's done in a much more refined way.

Alternating the interest indicator with a disinterest indicator allows, when you repeat this cycle a few times, to Put the girl in a position to start chasing you. This, as you can imagine, is an optimal situation.

Operating in this way allows you to get two extremely important results at the same time:

  • First: push the interaction from approach or knowledge towards sex.
  • Second: you move in this direction but in a way that is not predictable and obvious in the eyes of the girl.

In order to do this, there are a series of phrases that allow you to compliment a girl in a progressive way throughout the interaction between you, but since this article is already quite substantial, we will probably talk about it elsewhere.

For now, the most important thing that you start to understand is the concept of the funnel microcalibration, something really vital in seduction.

If you want to deepen this concept that, as you can imagine, is very complex and refined, I suggest you take a look at my ADVANCED SEDUCTION TECHNIQUES course.

Before we close this article though, since I know many of you probably make this mistake too, we need to talk about one last point.

Compliments to a girl via message and chat

Many men ask me what the messages for winning over a girl or what are the best lines to make a girl in chat.

Very soon these men in fact learn that the strategy of compliments doesn't even pay via text or in dating sites and apps; not only, perhaps it is even more detrimental than live, precisely because of the written nature of these chats and the fact that what you have just written remains there.

What these men don't realize, however, is that in order to maximize results via text and chat, there are no magic phrases.

It would be nice if it worked like that, but unfortunately things are more complex.

This is a formula or, as I call it, funnel.

The funnel is nothing but a filtering process. By doing the right things you will convert as many girls as possible into successes, which unfortunately will never be 100%, although I know you would like to…

If you're interested in learning more about the funnel concept, I talk about it extensively in my INSIDE HER MIND course.

If, on the other hand, you're a guy who wants more practical things to apply right away and you're interested in the exact formula, fruit of years of trial and error, to be applied via message and chat are there:

  • Method Messages: where I teach you how to turn as many phone numbers as possible into dates
  • Digital Seduction: where I show you how to approach a girl in chat properly and get as many dates as possible online.

And no… this doesn't happen by complimenting her.

See you soon,


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