Have you ever wondered what are you missing to have more sex? No, I'm not talking about strategies to last longer in bed or to turn a possible boring night at sushi with her and her friends into a night under the sheets with her.

All interesting stuff, no doubt about it. But here I want to talk to you about something different, viz how to increase drastically the number of women you'll have sex with from now on by internalizing and implementing the tips you find in this article.

Before you continue reading this article I want to Ask yourself a question. Answer honestly to yourself.

Are you satisfied with your current sex life or would you like to find a way to have more sex on an ongoing basis?

If you answered:

  • "No, I'm satisfied like this.": I'm really happy for you but you can still read this article to learn new things and make your sex life take an extra step forward.
  • "Yes I want to have more sex." well, you are about to discover the exact strategies to turn this desire of yours into reality.
  • "No, I'm not satisfied and I don't want to improve my sex life"but then what are you doing on this site?

Well. Having made these brief but necessary premises let's see what you need knowing in practice To blow up your sex life.

For have more sex you need to make your own 12 practical rules about your own Mindset, your actions, and the way you interact with women.

Before getting into the heart of the matter, I'll make a clarification.

You might be tempted to say to yourself: "Let's go right now to see how to interact with women properly".

If you have thought something like that STOP. In fact it's very important that you first learn the right mindset that you need to have, then that you figure out how to take action properly and only then does it make sense to think about how to interact in the right way with a woman.


Because if you do the right actions with the wrong mindset what you will do is it won't work although technically correct, GUARANTEED.

And if you start to act without a clear plan you run the very real risk of not getting the results you could get or not get any at all.

The rules you find in this article are written with a logic and in a precise order, so read the whole article.

We agree, ok?

After all the possibility of improve your sex life deserves 10 minutes of your time you do not find?

How to get more sex: here are the 12 rules of thumb

The first thing you need to learn to have more sex is to develop the right mindset. Now though, maybe you're wondering how your mindset has anything to do with practical rules. Well the answer is simple. It has to do and how.


Why Women are naturally attracted to a true man, i.e. a man who knows how to seduce them beyond his physical appearance. And being a real man depends on how you think. In fact, your actions will be directly proportional to the way you think.

I mean you could get the technical part completely wrong but be just as successful just by learning to think the right way. Practical enough, don't you find?

I know it's counterintuitive what I'm telling you but trust this "law of seduction": think like a real man and you will have more sex.

Let's go and see the various points

Rule #1. Stop NOW thinking that you need several dates or a long courtship to have sex with her.

It is a fairly common belief (especially in Italy) that it takes several dates to get a girl into bed. When I talk about several dates I mean 3 or 4.

Nothing could be more wrong!


Think for a moment with me. Do you really believe that most women who date a man really think they have found prince charming? No, true?

The truth (though you'll never hear a woman say it) is that they're there for the same reason you are.

They are at the club to meet guys and they go on a date because they want to be seduced. Point!

The point is that a lot of guys need such long courtships because they don't have, or haven't yet developed the ability to take what they want.

And that's a problem… Yes because the woman wants the same things you want, but she also wants to be led.

Think of someone really cool that you know. He needs 4 dates (or more) to have sex? No right? And that's only because that guy has developed the right mindset, which is to take what he wants and leading the woman on.

Put yourself in a woman's shoes? Would you really be attracted to a man who is unable to guide you?

Of course, it obviously depends from woman to woman, but for a lot of women you don't need many dates.

Rule 2. Develop the mentality of the True Man who is not afraid to push for fear of losing her

As you can see women are attracted to a man who knows how to lead them but many men do not "push" for fear of losing the girl. This may make sense from a logical point of view. But let's get a better understanding of why many men are afraid to lead a woman on.

What they're saying to themselves in their head, consciously or unconsciously, is something along the lines of, "better not take the chance of losing her.". But unfortunately seducing a woman is not like playing the stock market. What is in fact behind this reasoning?

I don't want to risk losing her translates to "she's important to me" (because I don't get enough chances with many women).

She's important to me??? On the first or second date??? She's just a stranger right now.

A real man Not afraid to lose a stranger Because she knows she has a lot of choices.

You realize now how dangerous the "I don't want to risk losing her" mentality is.

Rule #3. Don't be ashamed of your sexual desires.

Many men seem almost ashamed of their sexual desires. Or rather, it's not that they're ashamed of it… but only in the locker room after the soccer game.

However, when they have a woman in front of them they start to falter and act as if they are ashamed of their desire to take the interaction to a physical plane (for fear of pushing too hard and losing her).

But put yourself in the shoes of the woman. To let go with you she needs to feel comfortable with you. But how do you get comfortable if the man is the first to be ashamed Of her sexual desires?

That's why it is really important to develop the mentality of the Real Man, that is, the man with the right cards to seduce her.

Rule #4. Stop thinking you'll feel more self-actualized by having sex with her (seriously… the less important sex is to you, the more your chances of getting her into bed go up dramatically!)

For many guys, having sex is almost a matter of life and death. But let's be clear. What most are looking for is not the sex itself as much as the feel accomplished and cool by bringing to bed a beautiful woman.

What does this mean though? It implies that to feel good about yourself you need to get her into bed. That is, she becomes important to you, even though she is a stranger.

But a real man he doesn't need her to feel good about himself. You have the possibility of having many women and then she becomes only a pleasant parenthesis. Maybe tomorrow something more but for now not yet.

READ WELL: Less you need her to find your personal satisfaction + you become attractive as a sexual partner.

I realize that this sounds like a robotic equation, but here's the thing: the more you find reasons to feel good about yourself, i.e. the more you increase your self-esteem, the more women will naturally be attracted to you because you're becoming a real man.

Now that we've seen the mindset you need to develop to get more sex let's go see what you need to do in terms of actions.

Do you think a good striker would score many goals without ever being in front of the goal with the ball between his feet?? With women it is the same thing.

Rule n.5. NDon't be afraid to show that you want sex from a girl

I want to make this passage clearer for you because it can be really counterintuitive for a lot of guys. In fact, you might be inclined to think that talking about sex with her might drive her away.

Let's go back to the real man for a moment, ie what a woman desires.

If you don't talk about sex with her you run two very real risks:

  1. You risk becoming friends with her
  2. You risk taking a lot of time to seduce her

According to you, these are two options that a real man considers acceptable?

Well, we have understood why expressing your willingness to have sex (in a sexual way) is a good idea elegant it is so important.

Rule No.6: Create as many opportunities as possible to meet women

It may seem really trivial but it is not in practice. In fact even though this point is absolutely logical many men do not create enough opportunities to meet new women.

Honestly answer to yourself this question: How many opportunities do I constantly create to meet new women (like going to the club or signing up for a new class)?

I understand that we all have our daily tasks and time is short, but having lots of sex comes at a price.

You want to have lots of sex without basically doing anything? Sorry, you can't. Unless you're Hugh Hefner and it's the women who come directly to you

(If you want to learn more about how to meet new women in practice click here.)

Rule n.7: Act now and continuously

This rule can be summed up with this quote from the famous General George S. Patton:

"An imperfect plan executed violently NOW is better than a perfect plan executed next week.".

What it all means?

Simple: many guys think the time is never right to get it on. Either because they don't feel ready yet or because they still want to read and inform themselves on this blog to feel more confident in what they are doing

If you're one of these guys keep reading the blog, we'd love to, but take action now and consistently.

If you want to have lots of sex the key word is DO!

Rule #8: How to create your own action plan to become the kind of guy who has sex all the time

To get lots of sex you need a plan of action. This plan of action translates into two simple steps:

  1. Create as many situations as possible to meet new women (see rule #6)
  2. Work on your weaknesses

That is, as an example, if you don't yet feel ready to take your interactions with women to a physical plane start doing it consistently. And so on for all your deficient areas. Practice makes perfect.

Well, here we are finally getting to the point you may have been waiting for the most, which is what to do "technically" once you have your prey under your nose, i.e. the 4 rules about the steps to follow.

Rule #9: Start touching her right away

The first thing a real man does when he meets a new woman is to touch her right away with self-confidence, creating physical contact with her.

Now, however, you might ask yourself why. Basically from a logical point of view respecting people's personal space might seem like a good thing.

But it is not so in seduction.

This is because a real man is sure you can touch a woman from the beginning because touching her from the beginning tells her three things:

  • I am used to having positive reactions when I touch women.
  • I'm not afraid of losing you.
  • I don't need your approval to feel cool.

In addition, this serves to make her understand that you are not there to become her friend.

It is really very simple although it requires practice to do it correctly. In the disco you can put your hand on her hip and during the day as soon as she says something nice you can "give her the 5" and squeeze her fingers.

Rule #10: Kiss her the first time you meet her

Kissing the girl the first time you meet her is a crucial step because it makes your intentions clear right away and makes it clear that you're not afraid to take risks.

Kissing a girl who is attracted to you is really quite simple and the truth is that you simply have to… DO IT.

There are several techniques to get to the kiss but describing them is not the purpose of this article. The important thing you need to understand is simply that to kiss her, you have to take her away from her group (if she is in company).

By this I don't mean to tell you that it's impossible to kiss her in front of people she knows but that's not your goal which it is:

  • Make her understand your intentions and take your interaction to a physical plane.
  • Protecting her at the same time (i.e. without making her feel like a bad guy in front of her friends for kissing a stranger in front of them).

Now maybe you're wondering if this speech is valid only in the disco (where kissing a girl is quite normal).

This argument applies even more if you know her in an environment with stricter social rules (for example, during the day on the street).


Why there are very few real men who have the courage to do this In a situation like this. And this creates in her an attraction, a sexual tension and an insane desire to see you again.

But, there's a but… If you kiss her in a situation like this you really take care of the rapport phase as you want her to be able to think when she comes home that she had a good experience with someone she had a good connection with. I mean just so we understand each other you should not be able to regret running too much 😉 .

I'm telling you it's easy to do?


It can be done with practice and with a girl with whom you develop the right attraction?


When it is right therefore avoid trying to kiss her? Mainly in three situations:

  1. When you can't get her away from her group of friends or friends (if any),
  2. When you haven't had enough time to create the right attraction (on a train ride, for example).
  3. When she may suffer a lot of social pressure

Just so we understand each other better on the last point… If you meet her at McDonalds (i.e. a place where others don't know her) and she is alone: "Go, act.".

If you meet her for the first time in the library of your university (where there are people who, even if they are not her friends, know her by sight and she is under a lot of pressure), it is very likely that you should wait.

Now though, maybe you're wondering:

"Okay, but what happens if she doesn't kiss me back??"

If she doesn't kiss back two things can happen:

  • Find an excuse to leave
  • She stays despite everything

If she is still there, the reality is that she wants to be kissed. So you just have to start talking again like nothing happened and try again at a later time.

Rule #11: Make your intentions clear right away

Touching and kissing her is certainly a good indicator of your intentions.

It is good, you have to do it, but it is not enough. What you have to make her understand (between the lines, mind you) is that you're not there to waste time.

I explain better. What you have to make her perceive, through what you tell her and what you tell her, is that you are a person who likes to seize the moment because the present is important and you like to be surrounded by people who think like you and that you are dedicating time to her that you could dedicate to other things.

This applies both when you know her and during a date.

I'll give you a concrete example even if it would be necessary to write a book on this topic.

Let's say you've had a nice interaction and since you can't go to your house that night you propose to exchange phone numbers so you can meet up again. She answers you with a maybe. Yes I know… on a logical level it doesn't really make sense but every now and then women do it even if a second before everything seemed to be going great.

Well… Maybe does not exist in seduction. Either yes or no. You risk losing her by doing so? Sometimes yes. But you will see that most of the time his attraction to you instead will rise.

Remember. The real man is not afraid of:

  • Expose yourself.
  • Risk.
  • Lose her.

(By the way. If you're interested in learning how to continue an interaction after getting her phone number click here.)

Rule #12: Manage the logistics of your appointments (this really makes a difference)

This is a fundamental point that can make the difference between have sex constantly and never get a spider out of the hole.

That is, it's important that your appointments are in a place close to your home (even better, much better, if you can only walk to your house for a few minutes). This means that you can take her to a dive bar just to have her 3 minutes walk from home?

Clearly not. But try to find the right compromise.

Bringing an attracted girl with whom you are having a nice date is really much easier than you think especially if you have a lot of things to show her at your place (maybe something more advanced than the butterfly collection but the principle is the same ).

Please note: come to this point it is very important that you act like a real man and that is that you drive it. Just so we understand each other better, if you ask her "Do you want to come…??"you will see a lot of times the words GAME OVER. So drive and don't ask. If done in a playful way and if your physicality allows you to even load her on the shoulder is welcome !

As you can see, many of the points I've explained may seem a little "pushy" to you. But it is thus that they must be.

I know that logic might suggest the opposite but if you think about it in a deeper way logic suggests exactly this.


Because women unlike us They have a biological clock that ticks all the time, so they can't waste time with males who do not behave like real men.

I'm not saying that with the old style of long courtship you'll never have sex, but if you want to, you have to Have sex in a constant and continuous way you have to start thinking and acting like a real man. There are no alternatives and there are no magic pills.


P.S. make the mentality and attitudes of the real man your own and start having a lot more sex on a consistent basis

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