Typically a lady might have psychological blocks towards you, i.e. some rational motivations, legitimate for her, in response to which You aren’t ok for her.

In different phrases, a lady could also be drawn to you, she might even really feel a deep connection and be emotionally gained over, however she might have rational causes that push her in the other way.

I'll offer you an instance, right here's what she writes LuCa in a remark:

hey reborn I want your recommendation I adopted your recommendation and it actually works 😉 nevertheless the factor now’s one other…principally I like a woman who till now solely wished guys a lot older than her as a result of these of her age she discovered them too immature… I’ve already kissed him many occasions and he or she is at all times there, however she instructed me that with me she solely needs to have enjoyable and I instructed her that for me it isn’t a recreation as a result of I need her significantly and he or she confirmed that she solely needs to have enjoyable… initially as a result of she was occupied with her ex-boyfriend, now from what I’ve understood she doesn't like him anymore, however it appears that evidently for a matter of delight she doesn't desire a boy of her age and but she is so pleased with me… and anyway if she selected me to have enjoyable and never one other man, there should be one thing, no??? thanks prematurely 😉

This can be a basic case: she is attracted, she is okay, there’s a excellent feeling, however for varied causes she has a block in direction of boys of her age.

These blocks are of various varieties?

In fact, the rational causes that block a lady will be very diverse, every lady might have her personal.

Clearly there are blocks extra frequent than others, comparable to these associated to age.

What you must do in observe to resolve the state of affairs? How you need to act?

1. Don't deal with her pondering as silly or illogical

Chances are you’ll assume that her block, that the explanation she's blocking, doesn't make sense. This may result in discussions by which you deal with this motivation of hers as one thing completely silly and illogical.

This is not going to aid you obtain your objective, the truth is, it is going to get in the best way.


As a result of she’s going to understand this judgment of yours as a adverse judgment on a considered hers, she’s going to understand that you’re minimizing some factor that’s necessary to her, and she’s going to typically get offended.

By no means deal with his block as one thing silly, As a result of it could be silly or illogical out of your viewpoint, however for her it could be very unimportant.

2. Don't focus on it an excessive amount of

This can be a mistake many individuals make: Persevering with to debate the matter will do no good.

A little bit goes a great distance, however by placing it on a logical-rational degree every time, you might be solely reinforcing her pondering.

You don't must persuade her, you must Make her change her emotions, you don't have to alter her thoughts with speeches, you must change her thoughts with actions.

3. Keep unperturbed

When she tells you the the explanation why she will't be with you don't take it and stay imperturbable.

On this manner she’s going to understand your choice and your self-control and can be fascinated by it.

Additionally, you’ll really feel how a lot the boundaries she places in entrance of you don’t scare you, and lots of occasions these boundaries are simply exams.

4. Fake that nothing occurred

Deal with her objections with respect however act as in the event that they don't exist.

By doing so that you diminish their significance, you indicate that logical motivations take a again seat to what you each really feel.

5. Show her incorrect

With phrases you are able to do little, it's actions that rely.

You may say something, however ultimately the way you act will decide what occurs.

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