In the previous article we saw what is really important when faced with fears, anxieties, and challenges that life puts before us.

An attitude of a certain type is both useful in everyday life, is damn attractive for the fairer sex.

In other words, there is a very specific attitude, a real man's attitude, which:

  • turns out to be very useful in life to expand one's comfort zone and overcome obstacles that every man finds in front of him along his path
  • is capable of create attraction in a woman

In today's article we are therefore going to dig deeper and see precisely the technique, the winning mechanism, to face challenges, mental blocks, fears and anxieties.

So… let's start at the beginning and talk about the significator that people give to things.

On the one hand there is the fact itself and on the other hand there is the meaning of the fact.

It's true, there are philosophical schools of thought according to which the fact itself doesn't exist, but only interpretations, but we are not interested in this matter.

So what is the meaning of things, the meaning of facts?

Meaning is the reading of a certain thing, the meaning of a certain event.

The meaning of a thing can vary from person to person, Depending on the beliefs, values, and information that a person has.

Hitler's actions in World War II may be seen by many as the actions of a madman, or they may be seen as the actions of a great man by someone else.

But let's take another example without going to the trouble of history.

I say to a group of people: imagine you are in a nightclub and you see a man in his fifties surrounded by gorgeous women much younger than him, what do you think?

The fact is the same but you can give various meanings, various interpretations.

Someone can see us a man who has a way with women.

Someone can see a rich man surrounded by women chasing money.

Someone may even be a man surrounded by paid escorts.

Some strongly religious people may see it as demonic behavior!

Or maybe, it's the man's birthday and his daughters have urged him to go to the disco with them to celebrate.

Everyone gives a different meaning, but the meaning also varies in time.

Do you remember any games that drove you crazy as a kid, or anything that you considered very important?

Now what do you think about these things? Which are worth little, or at least worth less than they used to be, so in the same person (you) the meaning has changed over time.

Now… this ability to assign different meanings to things is extremely useful to us when we talk about challenges, on the one hand, and negative feelings (anxieties, fears, etc.) on the other. etc.) from the other.


Every "problem" that happens to you can be seen as a problem or as a challenge.

The exact same thing can be seen with two completely different meanings, but while the first one does not lead to anything good the second meaning is strongly empowering.

Now do an exercise, think of 5 "problems" you have in your life and begin to see them as challenges.

It may be at first that you resist, but it's all a matter of practice.

Think how your life would improve if you no longer saw problems but challenges to overcome, think how your attitude would change by becoming more and more charged with masculine energy.

Your life will improve and women will be damned attracted to you.

Fears, anxieties

Take 5 fears you have.

First of all realize that these things are not real, fear doesn't exist per se, it exists in your brain.

All of these things are just body signals, which are often helpful (see fear of jumping off a skyscraper or eating a poisonous mushroom) but often without meaning.

After thinking about them in this way, realize that often the things you are afraid to do are exactly the things you need to do the most!

Hitting on that girl, giving that speech to that friend, going to that place… start changing the meaning of these things, From things that scare you to things you need to do.

So realize that many fears are just signals that tell you, "You have to do this thing.".

Now close your eyes, think about these 5 fears and feel the fear or dread growing tell yourself that they are only signals, signs that "you have to do a certain thing".

Repeat the exercise over and over until every time you get a fear you think "I have to do this".

It has to be a automatic process, if you have time get out of the house and start doing small things you are afraid of, Stupid things don't matter, just in your mind the fear becomes a signal that reminds you to act.

Can you imagine what a winning attitude this is? Can you imagine how attractive a man is who applies this way of living in his everyday life?

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