You haven't been out with anyone for a long time? You're afraid you'll get hurt when you meet a new acquaintance? Don't worry girlfriend, we'll tell you how to make the right impression on a first date. The most important advice – do not worry too much, because your partner is the same person, and he probably nervous just as you are. Be confident and follow our advice.

1. Don't be afraid to take the initiative – choose the venue yourself

Since your partner doesn't know you very well yet, give him or her a hint about your preferences. Often guys have a hard time with this one: just like you, he'll want to make a good impression and take you where you want to go. To make sure no one is uncomfortable, offer to decide in advance where you will go and what you will do. Believe me, he'll appreciate you making his life easier.

2. Think about how you look in advance

Of course, you have to be seen by the clothes you wear. According to the common opinion, the first impression is made within seven seconds, so your appearance is very important. This does not mean that you have to wear a ball gown and 15-inch heels, which did not get out of the top shelf for years. Choose something you feel comfortable in. Make sure your clothes are clean and not rumpled.

3. Smell is important

We're talking about three things here: perfume, sweat and bad breath. You can't have a second and third on your date. So if you know you sweat a lot when you're nervous, take a shower before you go out and use deodorant. Your breath should be nice too, so brush your teeth or chew gum before you go out. And no, it's not a question of kissing, you can smell something bad even during a conversation. As for perfume, it's important not to go overboard: choose a delicate and unobtrusive perfume that will not overshadow you, and will be a nice addition.

4. Get to your date on time

Forget the obsolete rule that a real lady should always be late. This doesn't make you mysterious, sweet, and charming in the eyes of your partner. You will only give the impression of a careless or absent-minded person. It is better to show up a little earlier, than to run off with all the legs, ruining the makeup and hair, and then a long apology, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

5. Remember your manners

As we said before, the first impression is the most important. You always have time to show him your true nature, but at first it is worth controlling your behavior. Before you go out on a date, read articles from our #YouLady etiquette column.

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6. Don't turn a date into a job interview

Of course you'll want to know a lot of things about your partner, but don't be pushy, don't push, or the guy will want to run away from your interrogation as soon as possible. Let him ask his questions, show interest in what he has to say. Do not get hung up on a topic if you see that your partner does not feel comfortable talking about it.

7. Smile

β™ͺ Everybody knows the magic power of a smile β™ͺ. And she is your biggest weapon. A smile conveys a sense of happiness, and who isn't drawn to happy people? So a simple emotional signal like this can make your partner feel comfortable and relaxed. Your smile might be the first thing he falls in love with.

8. Look in the eyes

Eye contact not only shows that you're attentive and interested, but it also helps you establish a "connection" with the person you're talking to. People who look us straight in the eye during conversations seem smarter, nicer, and more sincere. What they say also seems more persuasive. Take advantage of it, but don't overdo it or your partner will be uncomfortable.

9. Forget the phone

Try to forget about the virtual world during the meeting. Keep your cell phone in your pocket or purse, letting your mother, girlfriend or anyone who might bother you know you're on a date. It's basic respect not to be distracted by your smartphone during actual communication.

10. Don't be mercenary

A sensitive and, for many, embarrassing question that is, however, very important – who pays on dates. We will not impose on you any point of view, after all, we have a separate article on this subject. Most importantly, remember that guys hate it when girls start to be very insistent on the first date to find out about their income. Try not to talk about finances, then you are sure to make a good impression on your partner.


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And lastly, don't be afraid. Smile and have fun. Have a great date!

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