In the last article we saw what are the signs to understand if a girl is ready for the first kiss.


Now that we know what the signs are, all that's left to do is to go for the kiss! But if you want to kiss well you need to keep a few things in mind.

Many of you may already be doing these things, but some of you may not, so let's look at them together…

Mistakes not to make

The main mistakes men make are:

  • Stick your whole tongue straight down the throat of the macapitata, risking to suffocate you
  • Start too hard and too fast, while she instead goes slowly: remember that the tension of the kiss must grow together

First of all it is important to understand what mistakes should not be made in seduction, not only in kissing, in this regard I refer you to the excellent Free Report Seduction: 37 most common mistakes.

And now, on to the article.

What not to forget when kissing a woman

1. Touch it and caress it (before the kiss)

Touching and caressing a girl generates in her sensations of relaxation and comfort, when you touch a girl her brain produces oxytocin, a hormone that generates a feeling of pleasant relaxation.

For example you are sitting you and her, and you both have a great desire to kiss each other. As often happens there is a little tension and a slight discomfort.

In these cases, going straight to kissing would be a bit too abrupt for a girl because she, even if she wants to, does not feel completely at ease.

Otherwise, if you start stroking her, she will feel much more comfortable, and lower her barriers due to the embarrassment of the moment 😉 .

But how to caress?

I, for one, start by stroking arm, then the neck and finally the face in a continuous movement, slow and sinuous.

2. Approach slowly

Don't do the so-called stolen kisses.

They denote insecurity and create discomfort in the girl in front of you.

You better get closer slowly and you run the risk of it moving away.

Even if she pulled away the first time doesn't mean she will do it a second time, because you will have increased the sexual tension.

3. Better short than too long

One thing you can do is start with Short kisses instead of one too long.

For example, you're kissing a girl and getting her turned on. A kiss that is too long may immediately vent the passion.

Instead, teasing her with shorter kisses you will dramatically increase her desire for him. In fact, by kissing her in this way, you increase the sexual tension to the point of madness

4. Do not be too rough and "slobbery"

Sorry for the term, but it gets the idea :-). When you kiss her, don't "stick your tongue down her throat" and don't use too much saliva.

Start teasing her lips and only later, when the kiss gets hotter, can you use your tongue more and more.

5. Stroke her during the kiss

While kissing a girl, try to bring her closer and closer to you (taking her by the hips) and then start caressing her in an "up and down" motion behind her back. A girl who feels a greater physical presence will feel more involved and will melt much sooner .

To understand how this technique works, just imagine the opposite case. Imagine a guy kissing a girl without even touching her, the first thing you would think is that it's a very un-passionate kiss, but it's not? Exactly!

Conversely, or a man who caresses and increases his physical presence will excite a girl much more easily. This is because a greater physical presence reveals a greater involvement, which, inevitably, will increase the excitement of the girl you are kissing. 😉

Hitch Kiss

There is a very very nice kind of kissing! Which literally drives women crazy!

Basically, it consists in approaching her slowly and stopping a few inches from her lips for a few seconds: this creates anticipation and expectation: very important components to drive her crazy!

An example of this kiss is present in a very funny scene from Hitch, which explains how it does!

Click here to watch the video, enjoy!


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