Okay, you don't really know why you have a fixation for foreign women and you wonder how to get to know them, maybe from the comfort of your own home in your city.

The good news is that it is possible, I'll tell you more: not only is it possible, it is really very easy.

Hai 2 main ways to do this, and now we see them together.

Knowing foreign girls who are staying for long periods of time is

I'm going to reveal to you a method of staggering simplicity to meet girls.

The fact is this: foreigners always tend to bond with each other.

If you've lived abroad before you know, it's easier to bond with other foreigners than with locals.

I don't simply say that we bond more with Italians, that's obvious, I mean foreigners in general.

For example … let's say you go to live in London for a few months? You'll notice that you'll bond more with Spaniards, French, Germans, Russians, etc. etc., anything less than with English people.

Perfect, understood this the issue works in Italy too.

In many Italian cities there are groups of foreigners who bond and meet each other.

You don't have to be in a big city like Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, Turin, etc. etc. , even in the city much smaller there are these groups.

Of course, if you live on top of the mountains in a small town where there is only you and the cows grazing :-), well there I don't think this strategy works.

These groups often organize evenings:

  • for the simple purpose of having a chat
  • or maybe to learn the language of the place (so inviting local people)

In addition there are some groups on facebook that serve to know other foreigners and ask for advice.

How you can find all this?

Very simple! Search on facebook These groups with research like this:

  • "Expats [name of your city]"
  • "English speaking [name of your city]"
  • "Foreigners [name of your city]"

Don't stop at facebook, there is also another site called Meetup, there you can search for events and similar groups.

At this point the thing to do is join groups, start interacting, and go to nights they organize.

What can you say when you join the group?

Simply that you want improve your English e meet new people.

Meet foreign girls who are on vacation

This only works if you live in a tourist city.

Here's the thing: foreign women have this stereotype of the Italian guy who hits on them when they come on vacation, for them it's something to tell their friends!

You can use this stereotype to your advantage, because the moment you go to approach them all this makes them "more easily approached than usual".

This means that they'll take any attempt to pick them up well?

But absolutely not :-). However, it makes it easier to approach and often makes them very open.

The thing to do is to go to a tourist place in your city and simply… approach them.

You don't have to come up with anything, even a simple "Where are you from?" it's great for hooking up.

If you need more I remind you of these two articles:

  • How to approach a girl: basic rules
  • Towing techniques

Of course I remind you that you can also meet a foreign girl, but if you do not know how to attract and conquer her.. knowing her is useless.

If you are looking for a precise method to win a woman in no time, you can find it here.

Until next time!

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