Have you ever found yourself in a bar or restaurant and all of a sudden… a beautiful woman came in front of you waitress or bartender? Or at a clothing store where you wanted to meet a saleswoman?

Maybe you wanted to get to know her better, ask her for her number and go out with her but didn't know how to do it?

Well, this is the article you've been waiting for.

Yes, because the truth is that you can meet women really anywhere and it would be a shame to cut yourself out of these categories completely just because you don't know how, don't you think?

Ok, before I get into it let me make just one clarification. When I use the word "categories" I refer only to a professional category and I don't want to make any distinction or seem misogynistic, clear?

So "waitress" as well as "bartender" are professional categories just as much as "lawyer" or "plumber".

Well, having said that, we can start with a question that you may now have in your head.

"Yeah, but waitresses, bartenders, and salespeople aren't women like any other? I mean, it's not enough for me to simply apply what I'm already learning on SeduzioneAttrazione, no?"

Certainly yes

The techniques and manners you learn on this site to unleash your Male Energy and the True Man that's inside of you are valid in all areas.

Having said that picking up and seducing this type of women puts us in front of a particular situation that has pros and cons that we need to know to be able to manage them at best.

Let's see them together.


A waitress is, in fact, a person in the workplace so chances are you're facing a woman who:

  • she's going through a boring day at work, so anyone who brings a breath of fresh air is usually welcome (except for a few special situations, like an earful from her boss, which you can't control anyway)
  • they're all goofing around with her in a shameful way and she's not used to real men having the guts to take what they want, so you can be different
  • You only get to talk to her because of the simple fact that you're a customer at the venue


Here is a mental problem and some technical problems. The mental problem is what you might find yourself thinking about:

"No I can't do that. She is here to work … not the right place"

Good… Actually bad… Because if you've ever thought something like that you're making yourself some mind saws.

In fact if you want to meet these types of girls the number one rule is:

I don't give a damn what other people think!

Yes, because it is very likely that the biggest obstacle in picking up these kind of girls is you yourself.

Given the mental side, let's see what the "technical" cons are:

  • you can't have physical contact with her that isn't something elusive (after all, she's working, you really don't want to get her fired)
  • she is working so she can't give you much time
  • Your interaction with her (especially with waitresses and bartenders) could be broken up because she has to follow other customers as well
  • even if she is attracted to you, most of the time she will try not to show it too blatantly because she is under a lot of social pressure
  • since you don't have much time, you won't be able to take care of the rapport phase, which is the one that allows you, especially at the beginning of your path, to take more solid phone numbers
  • the same mental wanking you do (or rather did ) she might do it too
  • even if she leaves you the number she might have second thoughts because you didn't have time to take care of the rapport phase and because she might think that, if you are so resourceful and skillful to seduce her at her workplace, maybe… you are the kind of guy that it is better to stay away from.

That said, simply you can't do anything to solve these consI'm sorry…what you can do is focus on the pros so that you are ready to play your trump cards to their full potential.

How to pick up waitresses, bartenders and sales clerks

What is very important to understand to effectively seduce these girls is how to behave in general, how to handle broken interactions, what never to do, how to ask for the number or make a date on the fly.

Let's start with what never to do so we get it out of the way right away.

What never to do

What you should NEVER do with this category of women is act like what my grandmother would have called a provolone..

In fact I often see a lot of guys who hit on these girls in a really messed up way putting the girl in an embarrassing situation because she can't tell a client to fuck off.

They start telling her how pretty she is and how much they would like to go out with her and get to know her better, putting her in a very uncomfortable situation if she is not interested, especially if, as I have seen them do many times, they are insistent.

As you know I am a lover of being direct but here the situation is a little different and so You have to give her a chance to show you her interest before going to ask for her number or going out.

What you have to do is simply stimulate his interest in the right way and now we're going to see how to do it.

So unless she throws you a killer look the game you need to play with these categories of women is more of up to.

On the other hand, if the killer look comes, you can do something really really simple like telling her, as soon as you get the chance, something like this:

"Hi. Since we exchanged a glance a while ago I've been thinking about what's the best way to get to know you without embarrassing you at your place of work…"

Big Smile ass face… and from there you see how she responds and move on.

This is the best situation among those that can happen to you, because with little effort it allows you to show that you are a real man who can take what he wants.

As usual, I recommend that you don't learn the phrase you find above, but simply take a cue and find a formula that works for you and is in line with your personality.

That said, if we don't get a definite invitation to approach from her, let's see what we can do to best stimulate her interest.

How to stimulate her interest

As you know you have little time and you can not have the same physical contact that you could have in a disco or on the street.

They are not exactly cards that play in your favor because, being able to take care of little or nothing of the rapport phase, you have to push the attraction phase to the maximum but you don't have one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, i.e. a physical contact that is relevant.

So let's see what you can do but first let me answer a question you might have in mind… because I can already hear it ringing in my ears , and that is:

"Yeah, but if I have little time I can't just go back to the same place several times to play my cards slowly?"


I'm making this clarification because I know that from a logical point of view the question above can be spun but in practice a lot of things can happen such as:

  • she changes job or shift and you never see her again
  • When you see her a second time her emotional state has completely changed and you may find that what was a super attracted girl a couple of days ago is now not attracted to you at all He shits by the skin of his teeth for no apparent reason.
  • If you take too long to seduce her, it is possible that a third party will come along and ruin what you have done before.

As you can see the cons in this situation are definitely more than the pros, so once you have attracted her:

Strike while the iron is hot or, as they say in America, don't be a pussy!

As you know in a situation like this you have little (or no) time to take care of the rapport phase so The game is played on the attraction phase. In addition, you will have to generate a very fast attraction because you do not have much time to close the dances.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how to generate attraction quickly click here.

Well, with that being said, let's go over first how to start the conversation properly and then how to attract her.

How to start the conversation

As you know I'm a lover of direct play but in this case my advice, given the situation, is to start slower.

Rule number 1 is don't do what everyone else does, i.e. don't just ask her for information hoping that magically, out of the blue, she'll be in your bed. It doesn't work that way.

You may start by asking her for information but then you have to take the conversation where you want it, and also quickly.

A great way to start is to put her at ease by making her laugh with a joke, trying to empathize with her in some way or taking advantage of a situation you find in context.

Here are a few examples:

"A (cocktail name) please. But make sure you promise not to do it too hard. I promised my mom I'd be good by leaving the house…about 10 years ago and…you know…Friday nights are full of dangerous girls, so I want to stay in my right mind."

"I've been walking around the mall all day and my feet hurt in sneakers… I don't know how you do it in heels. Really super impressed"

"I really understand you… some customers like that lady should be kept out with a sign with their face and the words -I can't come in-"

As always, remember to take these sentences only as examples. Studying them by heart would be a useless waste of time. The situations with these categories of girls are very varied, so you can not do anything but make your concepts, digest them and improvise.

How to introduce yourself

Once approached the girl we go to introduce ourselves quickly before entering the phase of attraction.

You can do it in various ways but the advice is to stay simple.

Sometimes you're facilitated by the fact that they have a name tag on them so you can say something like that: "You are (girl's name) I see… Well at this point it seems fair to play on equal footing… I am Gio".

Or you can just keep it simple: "By the way, nice to meet you… I am Gio".

What techniques to use to attract her

Before I tell you the techniques you can use to attract her, I'll make a brief premise. At this point you can begin to interact with them as you would with a normal bartender, waitress or saleswoman that you are not interested in.

This is because you have to give her a way to stay there without looking inappropriate in the eyes of her boss. So, at this point, you might order something or ask her to show you an outfit.

With that done you can enter the attraction phase.

The techniques you can use at this point are:

  • Role reversal
  • The unanswered questions (if, as often happens, she asks you questions)
  • Mixed signals
  • Confidence of those who already know how it will end
  • Mockery

If you've been following us on this site for a while, you already know what I'm talking about, but if these are new concepts to you or you want to delve really deep, click here.

How to handle broken interactions

In these situations it often happens that she has to leave to follow other customers or for some reason she has to leave for a moment.

Unfortunately you can't do anything about it. It's part of the game but, when it happens, there is a type of behavior that you absolutely must not keep.

In these moments do not give the impression that you are waiting for her.

Simply keep doing what you were doing or, even better, talk to someone else and, as soon as they come back, pick up where you left off.

How to ask for her phone number

Well! She is attracted and you want to see her again. It's time to ask for her number. I won't dwell on the subject because, if you follow this site, you already know exactly how to do it, it's the way Marco teaches in this article on how to get her phone number.

Just a clarification. Make sure you don't get her in trouble with her boss. She will appreciate this way of doing things and, if she liked you, you will impress her even more. Guaranteed!

There is one thing you should know though. In some situations it may be impossible to get her number because her boss is watching her and she may be pointing it out to you. In this case it is necessary to give her your business card, or if you don't have one, a card written on the spot.

But… let's be clear: if you want to pick up these kind of girls in a serial way, the business card is a weapon that can't be missing in your arsenal.

They will always call you back once they have finished working?


It is a strategy that works decently well?


How to make an appointment on the fly

In some cases, if you see that she is particularly attracted and well-disposed towards you it may be worth proposing to her to have a coffee once she's done working.

You simply have to ask her when she finishes work and tell her that it was a nice conversation, that you'd like to continue it and… then you'll pick her up when she's done drinking coffee together.

At this point it's almost done because, as soon as you see her again, you can take care of the relationship phase and bring home a phone number much more solid.

Ah, I almost forgot… if she agrees to see you again after work, she clearly likes you and is curious about you, so when you see her again… you'll be able to do it, don' t be a pussy and kiss her!

Think about it. You've just met her and you have a half date the same day. Simply put… you've been acting like True Man so stay consistent with what you've done so far and go all the way


P.s. Do you like this kind of game? Well then start making the rounds of all the malls in the area, practice, and you'll see that after a while your dating numbers will skyrocket 😉

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