How to seduce a woman extremely beautiful? How to conquer these kinds of women?

What seduction techniques to use? What actions to take in practice?

Most importantly: what is the difference in seduction between an average beautiful woman and a truly beautiful woman?

In the mind of a beautiful woman

In the last article, we took a journey into the mind of a beautiful woman. In the article we understood what it means to be a beautiful woman with whom many men try.

In summary, the point is this… After a few years the woman is rotten stew Of receiving the usual approaches from men who always do the same shit:

  1. They treat it as a be superior, thus placing themselves as inferior in front of her, and no woman wants to be with a man who feels inferior and her!
  2. They try saying the same things over and over again, always making the usual compliments in a lame way
  3. They give you gifts and favors in hopes of buy her approval

That said, I guess you've already figured out that to win a very beautiful woman, you have to behave in ways quite different from those just seen.

Let's then go and see what to do in practice. More specifically, let's look at the most important things, namely the differences That there are between conquering a very beautiful woman and a woman of average beauty.

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How to seduce a very beautiful woman with 5 effective techniques

Here are some essential tips.

These are not strict rules but tricks that obviously must be adapted according to the woman you have in front of you because every person is different and the art of seduction also requires the ability to adapt to various situations.

1. Don't be intimidated by her beauty

You'd be amazed at how many men deep down are afraid at the mere thought of trying to seduce a really beautiful woman.

The reason?

Much of this is caused by the mass media: frosted covers with photoshopped women, celebrity women always together with famous men with money, advertisements that tie expensive accessories to gorgeous women… you name it.

These kinds of more or less subliminal messages cause in the male mind the creation of a very specific connection: "Beautiful women = Unattainable women".

This is totally wrong, and if you think about it juxtaposing women and money what does it make you do? It makes you com-praise. Of course, it's one of the key ways they convince you to buy things you might not even be able to afford.

If you are afraid of beautiful women I recommend this very comprehensive article where I address the problem and explain how to solve it.

The moment you show yourself not intimidated by the beauty of a woman, she will think that you often deal with beautiful women so your value in her eyes will grow to the stars.

2. Judge her beyond her physical appearance

Most men when confronted with a woman like this only see her from a physical point of view, and she is sick of being perceived only for that.

Imagine a woman who for years is perceived by many men only as a … piece of meat!

Maybe it's time for a change, don't you think?? To be different and unpredictable.

What to do then in practice?

Try to really get to know her beyond what it appears, really interested in her and what she does, go beyond the mask of security that many of these women have and go deep, she will appreciate it for sure.

You can do it with targeted and particular questions, but it all starts from a sincere interest in her, Beyond her beauty.

And as for the compliments?

Don't compliment on physical appearance, she's received thousands of them, rather compliment on character aspects.

If you really want to compliment her on how she looks, do it targeted and particular, on some specific thing that no one has ever pointed out to her.

To be precise there is only one way to Complimenting her physical appearance and succeeding in seducing herCompliments with masculine energy.

3. Pay attention to her tests

She is accustomed to men doing everything for her, consequently at the beginning of the interaction she will try to Treat you like she treats everyone else. The test could range from simply asking you to buy her a drink to asking you what kind of car you have (no joke: I've actually heard myself ask this and not a few times!).

At that point if you fall into the trap the game is over, game over, another loser qualifying or trying to buy her approval instead of seducing her.

How to pass her tests?

The first rule is: don't answer directly, don't let her lead you where she's leading you.

Let's take an example, say she tells you: "You offer me a drink?".

A loser would say "Of course" And would immediately buy her a drink, maybe asking what her friends want.

Instead for example a great answer can be: "But how? Do not believe in gender equality? You give first!"

Or maybe she asks you "What kind of car do you have??".

And you can answer "Look I came with the tractor, and I assure you that is branded!"

If you want to learn more about testing women read this article.

4. Mock (with due precautions)

If you are a person who likes to tease women a little (in a joking way) then with a beautiful woman you will have to do it a little more than usual. She feels "more than the others" so a joke that might offend an ugly woman can impress a beautiful one.

Between an ugly woman and a beautiful one there is a fundamental difference: the image they have of themselves. Consequently also the level of taking the piss they can bear will be different.

Attention though: you must not sub-communicate that you are teasing her to lower her value, or out of spite, or for any other stupid thing.

If you tease her (always in a nice way true!) do it because you like her and she makes you laugh, that's the key to seducing such a woman thanks to teasing.

5. How to seduce a woman with a big ego? Knock her off her pedestal! [WARNING!!! ONLY IN CERTAIN CASES]

Here I put a triple AAA, that is ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION. There are certain beautiful women who feel so beautiful, who have always been so spoiled, that they find themselves with an exaggerated ego. Fortunately they are a minority, and usually you can see them just by the way they move or by the expression on their face.

So the question is: how to seduce this kind of women?

With this kind of women can be useful at certain times throw them off the pedestal. Be careful though: only with this small category of women and only at certain times it can be useful (I did not say you have to do it, I said it can be useful!). It always depends on who you're dealing with.

This does not mean insulting her or other misogynistic nonsense, means only momentarily raise your value in her eyes to seduce her, while everyone puts her on a pedestal you do the exact opposite. Then, after she understands your value, the relationship can stabilize and become normal.

I know, what I've said might sound like something for assholes or people who don't like women, it's really not so. The fact is very simple: a certain category of women, in certain situations, is conquered, seduced, more easily in this way.

It is nobody's fault. I wish it wasn't like that too, I wish some women didn't have such a big ego too. But this is reality and what I suggested is a good way to handle it.

I specify all this because I want that on this site there is not the slightest trace of misogyny.

I always say it:women are wonderful creatures and should be loved and respected, this is the starting point to seduce a woman.

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