Jingle Bells guys!

Everyone thinks of summer as the best time of the year to meet new women.

Summer is definitely a great time, but when it's zero degrees outside you will not find many damsels on the beaches to sunbathe.

So, what to do?

Simple: take advantage of the opportunities Christmas parties for meet new people in general, and new girls in particular.

As explained in depth in How to Meet New Women, it is often useful focus on getting to know people in general and afterwards, these new friends will also introduce you to new girls.

In this period you can focus on meeting new people, making new friends, and creating bonds that will be useful next year, when you can reap the rewards.

Are you ready?

What to do in practice during the holidays?

How can you do in practice to meet new people during the holidays?

You have 3 basic ways, very simple and very effective.

1. Organize trips to the snow

People are on vacation, don't work, or just want to do something to get away from it all.

But … many of them do not feel like organizing anything and so they lock themselves in the house! Christmas Depression! Yay!

Why don't you organize some nice snow trips?

Get together with some friends, plan a nice bus, and go!

You don't know how to ski? You don't know how to snowboard? Never mind! Go somewhere where there's a nice sledding run, or get bobsleds and go!

Excuses stand for nothing, the only excuse that holds is "Where I live there is no snow within 400 km", claro?

2. Plan dinners

Use this period to see old friends e bonding with new.

In other words organize dinners, large or small, with the various Social groups you've frequented in the past or frequent now.

You can for example organize the following Christmas dinners, with:

  • Old friends
  • Current friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Old work colleagues
  • University friends
  • Old school/university mates
  • Teammates (do you play any sports?)
  • Fellow hobbies (do you take any classes?)

By strengthening relationships you may happen to find other common interests, bond more, and go out together.

Be careful though: don't just plan the dinner! Remember these very important 6 points to make new friends, otherwise you waste opportunities and flush them down the toilet.

3. Take advantage of the New Year's Eve party

And the New Year's Eve party where do we put it?

Some people like to spend it with close friends at home, and some like to do it out celebrating.

If you like the second possibility, remember exploit it to the fullest.

In order to maximize the chances of meeting new people, choose a place where you don't just dance, but where you can get away from it all we also dine, because there is more time and way to make new acquaintances.

Everyone happy, everyone toasting, hugging and wishing each other well, don't be shy, be expansive and create new friendships.

Get a nice bottle of bubbly in your hand, pop it open, and toast to the new year.

When you're toasting with your friends, remember that I'm there too, toasting along with you: Let's toast together to your successful new year.

Cheers 😉

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