Let's talk about physical contact: how to touch a woman or a girl?

Let's first understand how to place physical contact within the "thing to do" in seduction… It is important? It's crucial? It's not that important?

Some of you have asked me why I didn't include the explanation of physical contact in the Instant Attraction Ebook and why I don't talk about it often on the blog.

The reason is very simple, let's go over it…

Learning how to touch a woman properly

How I incorporated physical contact into my seductive improvement journey?

Before starting my path of improvement I made virtually no physical contact With a woman until the moment of the kiss…those rare times the moment of the kiss happened.

After I started to experiment with different ways to make physical contact thinking that it was essential to make a perfect path, a perfect increase in contact until sex.

This caused that in the first place I gave him too much attention forgetting about other things and secondly that I did not understand who I had in front of me.

What I want to say?

I mean I used to make physical contact in the same way with all the women I met… but instead of helping me in the seduction it was complicating things!

Physical contact is something very intimate, so there is a very wide variation Of things you can do or not do at certain times with a woman.

Una woman lets you know that physical contact is okay, she makes you understand with the feedback she gives you! But if you are too worried about having to make physical contact you don't see these feedbacks, you are only worried about doing what you have to because you are afraid that without physical contact the seduction won't work, won't happen.

It is so?

But no! No no no! Seduction happens even without physical contact!

Touching a woman is very useful to seduce a woman but not essential.

I mean of course that contact that happens until the kiss, from the kiss onwards it is obvious that you have to touch each other! I'm talking about that in the attraction and rapport phase!

There, that kind of touch is very useful but not essential.

In fact when I stopped caring too much things got better, much better.

That's why I didn't include the explanations of how to touch a woman in the Instant Attraction Ebook, because first you have to focus on basic seduction techniques that can't be missed, such as the attitude of someone who already knows how it will end and other things.

Afterwards you can focus on physical contact, but only afterwards.

How to touch a woman or a girl?

How should this physical contact be?

In a word: progressive.

You can see physical contact as one path that starts with the first and simplest contacts, such as shaking hands to say hello, and ends at sex.

So a funny thing happens … some men tell me: "Marco, I don't know how to create physical contact, I don't know how to touch a woman" :-).

This is not the right way to look at it… when you meet a woman you shake her hand and then you have already started to touch her!

Here are some basic points of touching a woman or girl:

1. Not paying attention to the touch

Look how people interact with each other, look how you interact with your friends for example.

You touch each other very often, maybe you put your hand on each other's shoulder etc. etc. , and you do Without paying the slightest attention, you almost don't notice you're doing it.

The same thing applies when you continue physical contact with a woman: do it without paying attention to what you are doing.

2. Women differ greatly in this respect

There are women who, although attractive, are annoyed by physical contact when you know each other little.

On the other hand, there are women who have no problem getting their arm on your shoulders after a second you know them.

It varies greatly from woman to woman, for this reason ..

3. Pay attention to feedback when you touch

A woman through body language makes you realize whether your physical contact is pleasant or not.

If it's not, take a step back, maybe it's too soon and try again later.

4. Dare

Different situations allow Completely different ways of touching and times of touching.

For example, the way you will touch a woman you meet in the street during the day will not be the same way you will touch a woman in the disco.

The environment conditions this aspect a lot.

That said, have fun!

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