You may have already heard of the term "impossible love". This is a type of love that is often discouraged and is not necessarily good for you. There are actually several situations where this term applies. You can review some of them below. This might give you a better idea of whether you are truly involved in an "impossible love" type of relationship. You'll also be able to tell if it's time to leave.

Impossible love: Loving someone who is all wrong for you

Many people get involved in bad relationships and end up staying with their partner for too long. You may love this person a lot, but you will find that you are actually not entirely compatible. Physical attraction might be there between the two of you, but you might not be able to get along very well. If you're constantly fighting or struggling to find things in common, then your relationship is probably not as fulfilling as you'd like it to be.

When two people are together and aren't meant to be together, there will often be signs. You may end up having separate goals or you may not even share the same values when it comes to life. It's hard to connect with someone who is so different from you that you can't reconcile certain things. It is true that opposites can attract, but it will be good to have some things in common. Some people will be like oil and water, making it difficult to form a truly cohesive bond.

If you love someone despite their flaws and quirks, then that's great. It might be better for the two of you to be together romantically. When you love someone but can't be with them, it might be hard to accept at first. Accepting reality will be crucial. Sitting down and having a talk might be necessary.

Telling your partner that "we love each other but we can't be together" might be one of the hardest conversations you'll ever have. Depending on the circumstances, your partner may completely understand why things aren't working out. They don't call it "impossible love" for no reason. Sometimes the love between two people just isn't meant to be.

Impossible love: Loving someone you can't have

Loving someone you can't really have can be incredibly hard on you. An example of this kind of situation is when you love someone who is already married or involved with someone. You might even have a relationship or some kind of romantic relationship with this person. If they show no signs that they are ready to leave their current relationship to pursue one with you, then it's not going to be a good situation.

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Of course, cheating on a partner is not a good sign for how you would be treated within a relationship with this person. If you find yourself involved in a situation like this, you need to ask yourself if what you are doing is right. You may have strong feelings for this person, but that doesn't mean what you're doing is appropriate. Following your heart in this situation instead of your head could get you in serious trouble.

This is definitely an extreme example of loving someone you can't have. You might also be in love with someone who is not attracted to you or someone who has a different sexuality. It's important to be realistic about your chances of finding happiness when dealing with situations like this. You may need to look in the mirror and say, "I'm in love with someone I can't have," and then move on.

Impossible love: Leaving might be hard

Walking away from a relationship is not easy to do when you really love someone. You've probably grown attached to your partner even though they're not the right one for you. It's normal to feel like you're letting them down by leaving in the end. You just have to understand that some situations will not be healthy for you.

If your relationship seems to be taking the joy out of your life, then it's a sign that your love isn't healthy. Whether you're involved in a difficult relationship or you're in love with someone you can't really be with, you need to do what's best for your mental health. It won't do to cling to hope when your relationship has no realistic chance of being happy.

Try to think about whether you would be happier and more successful outside of your current relationship. If the answer is yes, then you may need to think about moving forward. Your emotions may be mixed when you decide to leave your partner or walk away from another kind of impossible situation. It's just important to find the determination within yourself to do what's best for you.

Sometimes you are unable to see how bad things are while you are too close to the situation. You might consider seeking the advice of a trusted friend. Some people turn to spiritual leaders at times like these. Others may want to seek the advice of an experienced therapist to see what the best course of action is. Whatever you decide to do, you should try to figure out if your current relationship is healthy for you and your partner.

Couple psychotherapy is an option

If you think your relationship can be saved, then you may be able to go through relationship psychotherapy. If your relationship is really difficult and you are constantly fighting with your partner, then it might be best to walk away. There are some people who have found success with psychotherapy, though. You can work through problems when both parties are committed to making the relationship work.


Learning how to communicate better can really make a difference. When you improve your communication skills, it's easier to avoid drama. All fights in relationships are often caused by two people who don't know how to talk to each other. Sometimes one person will be the problem, but there may be things you both need to change.

Attending couples psychotherapy or therapy is a good idea when you want to try to save your relationship or marriage. This will give you the best chance to hold on to your love and turn it into something that is healthier for both of you. It will take a lot of effort, but the results may be worth it. You just need to sit down with your partner and really determine if you can move forward together to save things.

If you are in an abusive relationship, then it will be best to get help and leave. Therapy and psychotherapy can help with anger issues, but sometimes physical or emotional abuse is not forgivable. Understand that psychotherapy will work for some people while not being able to help others. Don't give yourself false hope if you're involved in a tumultuous relationship that only seems to get worse and worse.

You can count on professionals for support

Walking away will not always be easy and you may find it difficult to deal with the emotions you are experiencing. Even when you accept the fact that your relationship won't work out, you may end up feeling depressed. It's normal to feel sad when something hurts you emotionally. Separation might cause you to want to isolate yourself, which could lead to your problems getting worse.

You shouldn't hesitate to ask for help when you feel this way. Qualified therapists are always available to talk to you when you need them. They can help you cope with depression and understand how difficult it can be to go through a breakup or other similar situations.

There is a growing body of evidence pointing to online therapy as a useful way to deal with relationship loss. In a report, published in Trials, a peer-reviewed medical journal, researchers stated that online therapy is effective in treating symptoms of psychological pain and distress in participants who are experiencing divorce or a similar separation. The study specifically mentions cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as the preferred modality for guiding patients toward better mental health, which is in line with much of the current research. Researchers say that, in this case, cognitive-behavioral therapy can be used to help participants cope with and accept the difficult loss of a previous relationship. Researchers also point to the advantages of online therapy, compared to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy, including self-passage, accessibility and flexibility, low cost, privacy, and lack of geographic constraints.

As pointed out above, if you are working through difficult emotions associated with a strained relationship, online therapy can help.


You can sign up for online therapy today and start working on things right away. Don't let a relationship that isn't working put you in a bad place emotionally. You can get out of this rut with the help of qualified professionals. Please don't wait to reach out if you are feeling down. You are never alone when you feel depressed, and there are people who care and are ready to help you.

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