When you sign up for a given period on a dating site, there is a great chance that it proceeds to a automatic renewal of your subscription. By default, at the expiration of the subscription, it will be renewed, usually for the same period that you had subscribed to the beginning.

This is currently one of the Main causes of dispute and mistrust of customers towards dating sites. Thus, many people have found themselves obliged to pay large sums of money for services that they no longer use, thanks to the tacit renewal..

And yet it is relatively simple to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription. You will find in this article a list of recommendations to avoid any problem. We detail, for the main dating sites, the procedure to follow to stop the automatic renewal. If possible, do it from the beginning, you might forget it later !


Process to stop the automatic renewal on the different dating sites

Cancellation on Adultfriendfinder

Go to Account> Billing history> Put on stop.
Contact form :

Cancellation onBe2

Operation to be carried out 14 days before the expiration of the subscription. Contact by mail the customer service . In order to be considered, the cancellation must include your username, the country in which you use be2 and your email address registered by be2.

Customer service email : [email protected]

Cancellation on Easyflirt

Operation to be done 24 hours before the expiration of the subscription. Once connected go to account> member area> manage my subscription> cancel my renewal. If the request is successful, you will see the expiration date of the current subscription in "manage my subscription".

Customer service email : [email protected]

Cancellation on Meetic

Operation to be done 24 hours before the expiration of the subscription at the latest. Go to My Account> My meetic subscription> Stop automatic renewal. An email will be sent to you and you will have to validate the request to stop the renewal.

Cancellation on Parship

Operation to be done 7 days at the latest before the expiration of the subscription. Send your cancellation request by email. You must indicate your e-mail address and your password "service" in your cancellation letter. The password "service" is assigned to each member at the beginning of his registration and can be consulted at any time online under the heading "My PARSHIP" / "My data".

Customer service email : [email protected] or [email protected]

Cancel on C-dating

To cancel C-dating, you must send a letter or email of cancellation or a fax. The notice period is 14 days before the expiration of the premium membership. Once again, this is great. However, if you wish to cancel, you must not miss this deadline, otherwise the contract will be automatically extended.

Customer service : C-Date 291, route d'Arlon LU-1150 Luxembourg

Cancellation on Attractive World

In the "account settings", you have access to the "Manage my subscription" tab. Then, you will click on "Stop my subscription" and explain your choice.

Canceling on Victoria Milan

Subscriptions that have been signed are automatically renewed if they have not been cancelled before. The processing time must be 5 days. You have the possibility to cancel the Victoria Milan subscription by email or stop the renewal online. Therefore, the service email is [email protected].

Termination on Local Dating

It is not possible to cancel an active subscription, but you can still disable auto-renewal in the account settings and options.

Termination on Twoo

The easiest way to cancel your subscription on Twoo is to go to your Twoo settings, choose "Cancel subscription" and cancel your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription in writing by sending an email to [email protected].

No automatic renewal setting, what to do ?

Many dating sites make sure that they do not offer the automatic renewal in their settingsoption to deactivate automatic renewal, what to do ?

The safest solution is to anticipate and cancel your subscription one or two weeks before it expires.

According to the dating sites, the method of termination varies. For some, you will just have to unsubscribe via your online account, for others, you will absolutely have to send an email.

In extreme cases, especially for scams, it is absolutely necessary to stop the debit. This is why it is imperative to choose serious dating sites to avoid this mishap.

In case of problems with other sites, please leave a comment, we will try to bring you the most complete information possible.

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