You have some problems with women? You've got several failures with the girls? Maybe you struggle to understand what they want from a man?

Don't worry, you're in the right place! In fact I'll tell you more, you could not end up in a better place! 😉

In this article we will see in fact:

  • Some common problems and how to solve them
  • The general method to overcome any problem with women

Common problems with women

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The method

Now we've seen the most common problems, but in general I'd like to explain to you the method behind solving any of your problems with women.

This method, however, is not only used to solve problems with women, it is also very useful in other areas of life, in fact it is based on psychology, but today we talk about this type of problems related to the female gender.

Let's immediately take a practical example.

Let's say you want to learn how to attract a woman but particularly beautiful women make you anxious and so you can't even make some witty remarks, not even if the woman is introduced to you.

Now… to attract a woman you have to do many things, it is not a single task that requires a single action but it is required a'set of actions.

So in your mind you see a lot of things you have to do, too many things, and then You get stuck before you even start. Unconsciously you tell yourself "I'll never be able to do this, that and this".

Well, one thing you can do to deal with this issue in a win-win way is fragment the problem, that is, divide the problem into small pieces.

Once the problem has been divided, a series of problems arise micro goals That if united seem a few things too difficult to do, while divided are instead feasible.

Why this strategy works?

Why the criterion for success has changed and be successful has become therefore simplest!

Before to be successful you had to attract a woman, so you had to do a whole series of complex actions.

Now instead?

Now it depends on how you have divided the problem into micro goals.

For example you might pose that for the next three times you meet a very beautiful woman you need to just asking for the time.

Fact? To the next 3 women you just have to ask the time and make a joke.

Done? At the next 3 you have to ask the time, make a joke and keep the conversation going for at least 2 minutes.

These are just examples, each problem will be broken down into its related micro objectives so as to be able to gradually solve everything.

There are men who will not need this resolution strategy, and men who will need it instead.

If you are part of the second group do not be ashamed to take these small steps, every person is different, every person starts from different situations.

I used this method at the time and I was happy with every small step I took, if I had wanted to do everything right away I would probably have failed miserably and I would not be here to write about seduction, I would be lying on the bed thinking about how unlucky and unhappy I am.

So don't let your pride blind you, Be humble enough to understand if, in certain things, you need to move in small steps.

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