Today we are talking about quick seduction.

First, however, it is necessary to clarify with a premise.

When we talk about how to get a woman into bed quickly, every now and then some genius pops up to email us:

"I am already able to get a woman into bed quickly, I pay an escort and everything is super fast, I don't even have to talk to her"

Or bullshit like that..

That's why I want to make it clear that in this article we talk about rapid seduction free.

If you are willing to pay an escort or a prostitute to have sex you have my blessing, I do not judge you and I wish you the best. It's simply not what we talk about on this site.

In this article we will work on 3 fronts:

  • We will see why the techniques that take the name of rapid seduction techniques are a shit
  • We will see what techniques are legitimate
  • We will see what is really the rapid seduction and what this entails in the real world

Quick seduction techniques: why you should stay away from them as from a prostitute on the ring road when you remain "dry" of condoms

We begin this paragraph with a kind of "discharge of responsibility".

I strongly advise against to use the techniques I'm talking about in this paragraph and, if you're an intelligent person, the reason will be clear to you.

Secondly, to simplify the reading, in this chapter I'm going to focus on hypnosis and NLP, but without dwelling on the specific differences between these two disciplines.

I have underlined these two premises in order not to run the risk that some clever person takes for good single pieces of this article decontextualizing them.

Well, let's get started…

If you try to Google "quick seduction" you will open a world.

A world I highly recommend you stay away from:

  • For your own good
  • For the sake of your wallet
  • Not to pass as an imbecile in front of the girls

Even if this thing had a slight chance of actually working, you'd have a much better chance of winning the lottery and starting to party like Dan Bilzerian than learning these techniques to the point of successfully applying them.

These techniques, which to make a long story short are techniques of hypnotism mixed with NLP techniques, have been presented for the first time (as far as I know, but I'm almost sure not to be wrong) in the United States by a certain Ross Jeffries.

You just need to do a search on Google Images to see for yourself in the face the character and decide for yourself if you seem a credible person or not.

It must be said that the idea is absolutely captivating in terms of effectiveness to increase sales: a man as ugly as an asshole in the forehead that manages to seduce beautiful women thanks to his magical phrases to win a girl and make her undress.

It seems that he is also a benefactor because, in sorrow for other men who, like him, have not won the genetic lottery, he decides to teach his seduction techniques, obviously for a fee.

Don't get me wrong, not that there's anything wrong with teaching something for a fee, as long as it really works.

So to keep it short and intentionally simple, this is a mix of techniques To hypnotize a person and NLP techniques applied to pussy.

Before I explain why I openly declare (siding against these "experts") that this stuff doesn't work, I want to warn you against italian clones of Ross Jeffries.

The first to ride the wave of hypnotic seduction in Italy was Bruno Meirana with Seduzione Rapida, who at the time also went to the Maurizio Costanzo Show to talk about this stuff.

A certain Uncle Hack and the manual of seduction by Giacomo Bruno of Bruno Editore came after him. The title of this manual does not explicitly refer to the rapid seduction, but the methods of seduction described follow this pattern.

Finally arrived in this already sadly crowded market Piernicola De Maria with a course of which I do not remember the name and that if I'm not wrong today has been withdrawn from the market.

I don't want to express myself too much on this last project because frankly I don't know it well: at the time I only had a look at the sales emails and as training material I discarded it. So I'm not 100% sure if it was a course containing techniques on how to hypnotize a girl or if it was only aimed, through hypnosis techniques and / or NLP, to improve a little 'perception of himself of the customer, practice that still do not recommend.

Since I am expressing a negative technical opinion on these systems, I want to make one thing clear: I am ready to change my mind at any time and apologize as soon as one of these gurus, coaches, experts, instructors or whatever you want to call them, field demonstrations the effectiveness of these techniques and the correlation between their use and eventual success.

So far all over the world by anyone who has said to use, copy-pasted, reinterpreted, modified or called by another name techniques of the first Ross Jeffries, I have never seen a video in the field, but only seminars.

Maybe it's just me, but I think there's a reason for that.

After this historical excursus we see the reason why I advise against hypnotizing a girl (provided that you really succeed, which I would not bet a penny) and then I'll show you why I am extremely suspicious that a student can make a woman open her legs with a mixture of NLP and hypnosis.

At the end you will have all the elements to draw your own conclusions.

I do not recommend trying to hypnotize a girl in the first place because you send a terrible message to your brain.

Simply put, it's as if I were telling you…

"I am so much of a shit man that the only way for me to have sex with a woman is to render her incapacitated.".

At this point, having removed any value to the conquest and returning to the beginning of this article, I recommend you go to sluts for real, at least have sex with a consenting woman, albeit for a fee.

And I don't get into easy jokes about using date rape drugs because I don't want to run into any geniuses whose masturbation has fused every vague memory of their brain neurons and who might get in trouble with the law by taking me literally… or some feminist, which is probably even worse 😉

But let's pretend for a second that these methods work.

Choosing this path would still be an idiotic choice, besides being manipulative, which I don't judge since everyone has their own personal value system.

Do you know how long it would take you to learn how to hypnotize a person quickly?

It would probably be a lifelong quest.

If you don't believe me, let me demonstrate it to you evidence in hand.

Some time ago Le Iene did a report on instant hypnosis.

I'm not an expert in hypnosis so if I'm oversimplifying my explanation or I'm using some technically incorrect term, I apologize to the professionals in the field but, to make it simple, it's a kind of hypnosis through which you can quickly put a person in a state of tranche.

I'll leave you the link to the service here.

If you decide to check it out, unfortunately the service is cut off towards the end. So just in case, I invite you to go back and read this article right away, because I'll explain how it works out for you.

In this video-services of Iene Marco Pacori shows how he can hypnotize people in a very fast way.

Towards the end of the service tries to hypnotize passers-by in the street trying to take away, for the purposes of the experiment, the newspaper, the phone or the wallet (I do not remember exactly what the object was, it has been a long time). In any case, the results of all these attempts were poor to say the least.

With what I've just shown you I simply want to tell you this: if a professional who has dedicated his life to learning techniques to hypnotize fails to put them into practice himself, how many possibilities do you have to do it, if you want to do it, through an ebook or an audio course?

To you the conclusions.

Maybe it would be different by having a real mentor teaching you live and in the field but, as I will say again, as of today I'm still waiting for one that shows what you are able to do in the field, instead of exposing her theories on a book, a pdf, a digital audio or at a seminar.

If then the barrier of entry for teaching how to attract a girl and seduce her is to simply have theories, then everyone can say whatever the fuck they want, even if they are a virgin or even a eunuch.

To finish this section of the article and for intellectual honesty I must tell you this.

The techniques of rapid seduction in reality do not have the objective of entering the girl in a state of real tranche (as Pacori does see at the Hyenas just to understand) but to stimulate in her various emotions, from attraction to sexual desire and then "anchor" these emotions to you.

Said in a simple way, The goal is to get her to think you're making her feel these emotions although in reality, or rather in theory, this would be a job to be attributed to the technique used.

So I mentioned Pacori to make you aware of the complexity of techniques of this type, and not because there is a close correlation between Pacori and the rapid seduction, because, for all intents and purposes, there is not.

Before we move on to what I believe we can call really quick seduction though, I want to answer a legitimate question that you might have in your head.

"Gio to me it seems to read from many parts the fact that many claim that there is a link between NLP and seduction. So this is bullshit?"

Regarding this question, I can only give you what is my technical opinion, which does nothing but emphasize what I have already said: until an expert comes along to show the correlation in the field between these techniques and its successes, This stuff is just theory.

Since I can already hear someone railing thinking…

"Then they are all assholes the great managers of companies or entrepreneurs who use NLP techniques and with these train their employees?"

As I have already said I am an apolitical person and I do not take seduction as a religion. As soon as someone will show me that I am wrong in deeds and not in words, I am ready to reconsider and also to apologize publicly.

I must make a clarification. Since when we talk about NLP we also talk about communication, I want to tell you this: the line between communication techniques that I consider legitimate for the purposes of seduction and techniques that I do not consider such, is rather thin.

Legitimate communication techniques for the purpose of seduction (i.e. not those of quick seduction)

This section of the article is nothing more than a preview.

I speak of a preview because in reality an entire book could be written on these topics. For this here I will only make a brief mention for reasons of space, but most likely I will resume the theme in more detail in other articles or within the channel Youtube.

This is because in reality there are several absolutely legitimate communication techniques for the purposes of seduction.

If you follow me, you know that I often say that picking up women is like selling them, Selling your dick on the sexual market and this implies that many sales and marketing techniques apply very well to seduction.

In fact there is a close link between persuasion and seduction. For the moment, however, take this information and put it aside, because there are techniques of persuasion that I consider legitimate for the purposes of seduction and others that I consider even deleterious.

As you can see the topic is very complex and it is the case to treat it in a separate article.

There is also a close link between sales techniques and seduction.

In this moment I'm mainly dedicated to the creation of material for beginners practical and easy to digest, but later on I will create a lot of content to show you different cold selling techniques that can be used in a daytime approach. Not only that, I will show you how I myself use the techniques that Jordan Belfort (the true "Wolf of Wall Street") teaches.

Moreover, in Inside Her Mind I compare the process that goes from the approach to the seduction to a sales funnel, a concept that has to do with both sales and marketing.

In addition to this, I also promised myself to create a video in which I show you how many of the techniques I use are also used by Tai Lopez in his advertising campaigns.

Moreover, in my videos in the field I have already shown the correlation between verbal communication and seduction.

In short, to make a long story short, among the methods to be applied with a girl, the communication techniquesand they definitely have their place and are more than worthy of mention and use in the field.

The same is not true, in my technical opinion, for the rapid seduction but, even if I'm wrong, this is not a beginner friendly method as I have shown extensively in the first part of the article.

The real techniques of rapid seduction

Before talking about quick seduction (which are not the ones I mentioned in the first part of the article), we need to understand what it really means rapid seduction.

First, there are what can be called real "havens of rapid seduction" that we can divide into two categories:

  • Vacation spots where women go just for fun
  • Places where, as a foreigner, your perceived status is very high, for example the Philippines
  • Particularly favorable locations for nightlife, i.e. some particular cities in the world that I won't dwell on though, as they are not very relevant to most of you living in Italy

These however are just exceptions. In general, we can consider quick seduction only:

  • A closing the same day after day approach (to my knowledge, at least to date as I am writing this article, I am the only one in Italy to have shown one)
  • A closing the same night after disco approach

These topics are obviously very broad. If you want to deepen them I leave the link to my course on the approach of the day here and approach at night here.

Having said that, it is necessary to make a clarification. Even if you become a professional:

  • A closing on the same day is still an event statistically rare compared to the volume of approaches
  • A close on the night itself is more statistically relevant, but you don't have a lot of control over the woman you take home, as there will very often be strong logistical barriers

Otherwise, outside of these rare cases, there is only one correct way to operate:

You get the phone number, set an appointment by texting and from there you try to get to sex.

If you don't know how to turn the phone numbers you take into a date you can elaborate here.

At this point you might rightly ask yourself…

"Ok Gio but what can I realistically expect once I take a girl on a date?"

Assuming you know what you're doing, this is reality:

  • A few girls will have sex with you on the first date
  • Most on the second
  • A few on the third (statistically more people have sex with you on the third date than on the first)

To be completely honest, you may also find some "statistical anomalies" that require more than 3 dates to sleep with you. Experience will teach you to discard this type of women in the bud, unless you want to do otherwise for personal reasons.

Undoubtedly there are those around who say the opposite. She's lying. Point.

At this point someone might point out to me…

"Gio I purchased Advanced Seduction Techniques and in the course you suggest that I take the girl home on the first date. Why are you giving me this advice if you just told me that several girls won't have sex with me before the second or third date?"

For a simple reason: Advanced Seduction Techniques is a course that (as the name implies) aims to give you the tools to turn yourself into an advanced.

One of the many characteristics of an advanced is definitely to close the games On the first date, whenever possible.

Seduction is something you learn in the field and not swallowing information as if you stick a USB stick in your temple as in the movie Matrix. In this case I guarantee you that I would sell my courses for a much higher price.

For this reason you need to test what are the walls you can face in the real world. And this is not possible without experimenting, just as you can not make an omelette without breaking the eggs.

Only by learning to understand when you can push (and when it makes absolutely no sense to do so) will you be able to end the game in the fastest possible and socially calibrated way.

You can't become socially calibrated without making mistakes and learning from your mistakes.

That said, I guarantee you from personal experience that the girls who disappear the next day because you have invited her home but have not accepted, are really a statistical minority (provided that you have managed the appointment in the correct way).

In essence, the benefits of this mode of learning are far greater than the risks.

What are the two MAIN TECHNIQUES for a quick seduction?

These are two fairly simple techniques, but not easy to apply.

The first one is a "leap of faith".

In this case you've hopefully done everything right during the date and feel there's a chance to take her to your place.

This is where most men panic and fail to drive towards sex.

Doing this is technically easy, but it requires cold bloodedness because probably before you have had several corrective emotional experiences, You won't believe that it's possible to get the girl to your place that fast. She will sense that you are not comfortable in your own skin and that will screw things up , at least for that night.

What you need to do is just take the girl home with an excuse.

Why an excuse?

Because she wants to have sex but doesn't want to take responsibility for it, she wants to think it's only success.

Once she is your home, you have to learn to overcome the last minute resistance.

What it means in practice?

Have you ever had to take a girl home and then she didn't want to have sex with you?

If this has never happened to you, the only reason is that you haven't practiced this stuff enough.

To avoid this problem you simply have to (simply so to speak, since it goes against what you were designed to do according to nature) start the physical escalation and be the one to stop it, multiple times if necessary.

By being the first to stop the physical escalation you get a diplomatic result:

  • You bring the girl to the point of wanting to have sex with you and you stop yourself by stopping just when she wants more
  • You show yourself as the sexual prize, that is, the one who decides whether to have sex or not (ie you raise your perceived value compared to his and if you follow me you know that they want to have sex with men of higher value than their own)

This process obviously deserves to be explained in much more specific detail than I can do in an article, so if you want to delve into it just click here.

See you soon,


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