If infidelity has, in theory, no good reputation, we have to admit that it is more and more common. The cause ? The creation of numerous dating sites dedicated to extramarital relationships and hotels offering special rates at strategic times..

And contrary to popular belief, women cheat as much as men. It is difficult to collect statistics on infidelity, as people tend to lie. Shame ? Fear of being judged ? But then, what drives married women to cheat on their partners ? Here is the reasons that can lead to female infidelity.


The trivialization of infidelity

It is true that today, infidelity has become commonplace. Several studies have shown that cheaters forgive their spouses more easily than before. And for good reason, the notion of couple is freer today, whereas before marriage carried values such as the solidity of the family nucleus, the lifelong commitment, the vow of fidelity..

Women in the 20th century could go to jail for cheating on their husbands ! Today, it is easier to separate “family life” and “sex life. Any psychologist will tell you. That’s why women, who tend to associate “love” and “sexuality” will forgive their unfaithful husbands less easily than the other way around.

This trivialization is reflected in the emergence of many “facilitators”: dating sites, special hotel rates, freedom of the couple … Not to mention that married people are more likely, today, to be hit on by someone, the subject being less taboo !

Reason for female infidelity: emotional void

The mere physical presence of her partner by her side is insufficient for a woman to feel the full range of emotions required. After a while, most women consider such a man not essential and cherished, but rather a burden for life. When women feel emotionally ignored, adultery can often be detected by whispers.

Couples need to express their needs and expectations frequently, as these tend to change over time. Discover the signs that your wife is cheating on you. Rather than making assumptions or expecting the husband to be able to read the wife’s mind, it is essential that the wife initiates a calm and sincere discussion about emotional needs that are not being met in a timely manner by the man.

The Most women attribute their infidelity to the fact that their emotional needs are not being met or that they are considered unworthy of attention by their partner. As a result, women feel lonely, unwelcome and obsessed with the lack of proper attention to them.

In most cases, adultery is not completely deliberate, as the woman was in a vulnerable state when the other man began to show interest in her, which does not entirely absolve her of responsibility for what happened.

Money can lead to female infidelity

You may not be shocked to learn that financial problems and lack of money in the family can cause a woman to cheat on her husband by looking for a stronger shoulder. However, you can approach this from a slightly different angle.

When women have money, they are more likely to cheat than when they are looking for money. A woman’s financial success impacts her testosterone levels, which in turn impacts her love life.

The more financial independence women achieve, the less dependent they feel on their spouse, which increases testosterone levels and decreases estrogen levels. Increased testosterone can increase a woman’s desire to have a one-night stand with a stranger for fun.

Married women who are less financially independent, on the other hand, will have lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels, resulting in a stronger bond with the spouse. It is essential to note that financial success does not inevitably lead a woman to cheat on her partner, but rather increases her desire to do so.

Why a woman cheats on her husband: lack of sex !

It is fair to assume that sex, like the emotional component, is essential to a relationship, and that its absence is the most important thing The number one reason women betray. Constant physical proximity strengthens the brain circuits responsible for sexuality.

The hormone oxytocin, which is produced during lovemaking, helps maintain a happy relationship. All this contributes substantially to an increased interest in the other, as well as a manifestation of enthusiasm and strong attraction.

In addition, the reason for women’s infidelity can also be sexual incompatibility. A woman may choose to satisfy her desires externally if she is finally convinced that the man is unwilling to make an effort to reconcile disparities in sexual preferences.

The desire for revenge can be the reason for a woman’s adultery

Some women cheat in response to their husband’s betrayal. The worst-case scenario is when revenge occurs not as a result of the spouse’s betrayal, but simply as an expression of anger that has developed, for example, after a big scandal.

Therefore, it is essential for women to avoid storing up anger and resentment and to be able to release unpleasant emotions quickly. On the other hand, being emotionally free and content in a relationship makes it harder to make a real connection with another person.

If you really love your partner, it’s almost hard to harbor resentment toward them, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage.

Monotony is a woman’s best friend in infidelity

Even in the most fascinating and satisfying relationships, it is quite common for couples to have periods of silence where nothing seems to happen and monotony replaces the anticipation of something really fresh and intriguing.

However, some women are willing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to “revitalize” the marriage, as they perceive it. A woman’s life can seem repetitive, boring and predictable, and a secondary relationship will be an exciting way to get out of the rut of a stagnant existence.

The secrecy, passion, excitement and risk-taking allow for an explosion of pleasurable feelings caused by a hormonal rush. As a result, the woman can honestly claim that her adultery has not diminished her love for her husband.

Adultery can be a way to express yourself

Sometimes committing adultery is just a way for a woman to express herself in a relationship when she feels she has no control over essential choices. If a woman feels that she has been excluded from any control over domestic choices, financial decisions or future plans, the desire to leave the marriage may be particularly strong.

When thrown headfirst into the river of deceit, some women may feel a nice sense of power and control. When making choices together, it is essential to consider whether the partnership is flexible enough to provide the optimal compromise.

The loss of male dominance influences female adultery

In its traditional form, the man should be in charge of the business known as “family relationship”. The man is the master, while the woman is the servant. When the roles are reversed, such a man is unlikely to be seen as deserving of the woman’s respect, and infidelity may be seen as quite normal by the woman.

In addition, if a man is nice, but he is more involved in the relationship than the woman, does not commit and does not have his own hobbies, his beloved may get tired of his behavior, which is similar to the interaction of the mistress and her valet. A relationship imbalance is a perilous phenomenon.

Other reasons why a woman becomes unfaithful

Provoking her other half

Finally, infidelity can also be a way for the person to provoke his spouse, especially in times of disagreement. To make him/her admit that he/she loves and cares for him/her, to humiliate or anger him/her, or simply to get back at him/her for his/her infidelity.The reasons can be multiple and not always very rational.After all, infidelity always responds to unconscious impulses: (almost) nobody decides, from one day to the next, to cheat on his half.

To start a new relationship

It is never easy to end a relationship, especially a long-term one. Therefore, it is very rare that women cheat to end a relationship and irreversibly burn the bridges behind them.

Deception is often motivated by the desire to start a new relationship to avoid being alone after a breakup. Before leaving a long-term relationship, women like to plan ahead.

Infidelity is encouraged when everyone has their own life

You used to do everything together, but now your interests have become disjointed ? If the man spends most of his free time with his friends and the woman puts her buddies before her spouse, she may be able and willing to share her interests and hobbies with another fun-loving person. The woman may quickly realize that she has more in common with her colleague than with her partner.

The lack of time spent with their spouse

Time spent on the phone is not counted. We speak here about the contact in face to face between a man and a woman. One of the reasons women cheat is because they don’t spend enough time with their partner. Turn off the television and put away the phones, computers and other electronic devices. Then, sitting next to each other, review the previous day and express your emotional state. Wives who don’t cheat have a stronger bond and relationship with their spouse.

To find out where they stand

Women who are continually engaged in different obligations may feel that they are always busy, as a wife, mother, office worker, etc. There may be self-awareness through the prism of one’s actions, but there may also be a detachment from one’s own identity.

Therefore, a woman may decide to commit adultery because she is confused about all the ways she could express herself that are limited by her current relationships. It may be influenced by a new feeling, such as the emergence of a sense of independence.

Changes with age

It is no secret that as women age, they are increasingly aware of the loss of many characteristics that used to make them attractive to members of the opposite sex. If the issues mentioned really hurt her, regaining a sense of self-worth can be the starting point for a woman to cheat. These types of women usually use a cougar sex site to meet young men.

And while the secondary affair that follows may make a woman feel at the height of her sexual attractiveness for a time, it is likely that her mental state will suffer an unpleasant setback in the long run.

Lack of self-esteem

When a woman’s inner devastation is caused by marital difficulties, she may cheat on her man to improve her self-esteem. A woman’s self-esteem can only deteriorate if a man takes her for granted, ignores her or even humiliates her, especially over time. As a result, a woman may feel a frantic desire to prove her worth to another man.

Myths about why a woman cheats on her husband

Female adultery is the result of a hasty choice

Women’s nature is extremely pragmatic, and their emotionality usually manifests itself towards the end of the desire cycle, but it is not the source of it. And if she chooses to do something frivolous, she does so only after thinking about it and consulting her girlfriends multiple times. After all, she went to a nightclub, dressed up in her best outfit, and signed up for an extramarital dating site.

When planning to commit adultery and choosing a man to carry out their plan, women demonstrate their practical and systematic nature. Before crossing the line of what is allowed in a relationship, a woman will often try to revive it. A lack of sensitivity on the part of the partner to these efforts becomes a signal to start an extramarital affair.

Women cheat on their husbands because they are in love with someone else

Research shows that most, but not all, married women deliberately avoid relationships in which a deep and genuine sense of love could be created. They wanted to find a suitable and compatible man to engage in sexual pleasures with behind their spouse’s back, but they were purposely avoiding falling in love. This may seem strange, as this behavior is more often attributed to men than to women.

Women have only one lover

It is very unusual for women to cheat by having an intimate relationship with more than one partner on the side, especially if one man is not able to meet all their requirements. Initially, women depend entirely on their partner, but after a bad date, they decide to try a new approach. Many women who have had adulterous affairs have had them with multiple partners.

Women cheat to get away from their families

Deception, as previously stated, is often the starting point for starting a new relationship. However, when it comes to the wedding, things are a little different. The most married women who cheat never consider leaving their partner. They just don’t get the experiences they need from their legal marriage, so they transfer their intimacy onto their partner’s shoulders.


She loved someone else, she got bored, she got angry or upset with the man, she was depressed, she drank too much alcohol, she met her first love, the man lost his job, her husband is depressed or broke, he is constantly on a business trip, he let her go on vacation alone or visit her mother in another city for a couple of weeks..

It is important to know why the woman cheated ? Whatever the source of the female betrayal, in more than 95% of the cases, a woman will accuse all men. What are you going to do, it’s easier and more comfortable for her ? But, even if you realize objectively that your conduct was the cause of the woman’s infidelity, do not torment yourself with such a judgment. Every stage of life is a succession of mistakes, and the sooner you learn from them, the sooner you can move on.

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