Women make men stupid? If you've ever had any doubts about this, now you know that's exactly what it's like.

A woman can make a man stupid, but how?

Rita Rudner said:

Some people think a woman's large breasts make her stupid. Actually, it's quite the opposite: a woman with big breasts makes a man stupid.

Did you ever notice that when you are near or talking to a woman sometimes you feel a little "dumb"?

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Maybe some of your friends arrive and you want to introduce them to the woman you're with, but with all their eyes on you've forgotten their names all of a sudden?

But why can it only happen to you when you have a woman in front of you while with anyone else it doesn't happen to you?

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology describes how this phenomenon has been proven and tested by one scientific study.

The scientific research

Johan C. Karremans and his collaborators at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, tested that sexual/ sentimental interactions temporarily cause a decline in cognitive function, that is in the functions of the brain.

These scholars did 2 different studies to prove the decline in cognitive function.

In the first study, they had participants interact with a same-sex stranger and have them complete tests that required constant mental effort of memory, before and after interaction.

Next they had the participant interact with an unknown person of the opposite sex, always having them complete cognitive tests before and after the interaction.

In this first study, researchers they noticed how 40 male participants tended to fail cognitive tests when interacting with a woman.

In short, in a nutshell, talking to a woman would make the man a little "stupid".

Additionally, the outcome of the tests done changed depending on whether the participant was romantically involved or not. Whether he had a girlfriend or didn't, talking to a woman still challenged the man.

In addition participants failed cognitive tests more when they felt strong attraction to the person of the opposite sex they were talking to.

Attraction then felt either way, committed or uncommitted, plus they failed the tests even more, so guys if you follow SeductionAttraction and are trying to attract lots of women, better not take exams in college or anything else that employs your brain, because it literally goes into a swelter 😉 .

In the second study, instead of having the participants interact with a person who was their accomplice, the researchers had 53 boys and 58 girls meet at the university.

Men have demonstrated a Decline in performance in another even more challenging test: so from bad to worse!

Moreover, as shown in the first study, this effect did not change whether the participant was or was not romantically involved.

With women, researchers also noted that their cognitive performance had a decline after interacting with people of the opposite sex if they reported trying to impress the man they were talking to.

So we too are overwhelmed by male charm, especially if we want to impress him and make a splash. It's not just a men's problem, we too suffer from attraction to a man, take heart!

The results of these studies may suggest that there may actually be something special about the interactions between men and women that impairs brain function, that puts us on edge intellectually. All the more reason not to try to have serious or challenging conversations with a woman, you will only end up being more agitated and maybe even make a bad impression!

On what do these effects depend?

The authors suggest that these effects may be due to concerns about self-presentation and impression control (impressions other people have of us) when interacting with someone of the opposite sex.

What a big word :-), what it all means?

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When interacting with a woman, you may tend to try to impress her, then manage your "self-presentation" and the impressions she may have of you.

Since impression management is not easy as it requires careful cognitive control, plus you are constantly trying to monitor and modify your behavior, all of this can result so exhausting and demanding cognitively, from exhausting the functionality of an individual's brain, thus causing lower cognitive ability after the interaction.

The researchers also, faced with the fact that the effect was even stronger in men, state how "compared to women, men are more likely to view interactions with people of the opposite sex as a mating game."

In short, it's not the woman directly that makes the man stupid, but it's definitely the primary cause of his momentary "grogginess"

The researchers of this study tried to provide other possible explanations for the results of their research.

It could also be that the traditional sexual rules, so The collective idea of the man having to make the first move and lead the way, cause the effort and commitment to want to manage impressions and "impress" in accordance with the expectations of this thinking.

Women also nowadays expect the man to make the first move and run the show, partly because of traditional sexual rules but also because the woman doesn't want to feel or look like an "easy" woman.

The consequences?

What does this teach us?

It is simple proof that wanting to impress a woman does not lead to anything good.

Wanting to impress only leads to forcing the interaction, perhaps because you risk talking only about yourself or what you do or possess.

This is the absolute wrong move, because it makes you lose value in front of a woman, a mistake that you can also find in the Free Report "Seduction: the 37 most common mistakes".

So be natural, behave spontaneously: that way you'll feel good and put the person in front of you at ease, too .


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