I’m sure you know, wanting a guy to like you shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities. But still….. Sometimes you want to dive headfirst into a new relationship, but he’s not there. Maybe it’s time to try out some new tricks? 🙂 Catch tips to help make you a little more attractive in the eyes of guys. Scientifically verified!


Scientists have proved that love for dogs, and even better – the presence of a pet, greatly increases the chances of meeting the one. Of course not, when you have a dog, you don’t spend much time at the computer – You have to get out of the house to go out with her. And you might very well run into him on the street.

You already have the guy of your dreams in mind? If you know where he lives, why not walk your pet somewhere nearby? It is a great way to attract attention. Maybe one day he’ll want to join you. And when he sees how responsible, patient and sweet you are, he’ll fall in love with you.


It is scientifically proved that red color not only attracts guys, but also turns them on: red dress, red shoes… Red lipstick is perfect. The best way to get a guy’s attention is to wear red lipstick. Not only will you add a bright accent to your look, but you’ll also make them look at your lips. ♪ You know that when guys see red lipstick, they subconsciously think about kissing you ♪? So take that and go out and win hearts!


Of course, a short haircut is fashionable, stylish, and comfortable. But scientists believe that most guys prefer girls with long hair. It turns out that the owners of well-groomed long hair looks especially healthy and ready to procreation. No, it’s not that guys want to have kids right away. But your natural instincts are pretty powerful.


Yes, quit smoking and practice your Karabas-Barabas speech. Scientists found that a ringing voice and laughter attracts guys. According to some reports, this also has to do with procreation. Because when you’re ovulating, in case you didn’t know, a girl’s voice gets higher and softer.


The stereotype that only nerds wear glasses is outdated. Today’s guys are crazy about girls who wear glasses, and they find that accessory very sexy. If your eyesight is fine, you can wear sunglasses, they add a little mystery. A guy will want to figure you out, and maybe he’ll even ask you out on a date.


You have no idea how much guys are addicted to a nice smell. If a girl has her own special scent, a guy is sure to remember her. You want to smell nice? So experiment, try sprays, eau de toilette, perfume – look for your unique scent. Audrey Hepburn, for instance, used an exclusive perfume from Givenchy and forbade her from selling it to anyone else while she was alive.

If you don’t know where to start, we suggest trying vanilla fragrance or lavender scent. Scientists have proven that most men like these smells.


Guys are more likely to approach girls who smile and look cheerful. Let’s be honest, no one wants to hang out with someone who constantly frowns and looks like a living illustration of the phrase “Stay away – I’ll kill you!” Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?? So smile more often and guys will reach out to you.

And now for the main thing! Science is science, but we’re all very special. And everybody’s got a love story. It’s quite possible that your prince isn’t waiting for you in a park with a puppy, but in a skate park somewhere. And then in jeans and a sweatshirt, with your hair gathered in a ponytail, he will like you much more than with a full outfit and red lipstick on your lips 😉

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