Seduction e body language… an important combination, but how important?? Understanding Body Language is it useful?

As you may know we communicate much more with non-verbal language (body language and paraverbal) than we do with verbal language.

In other words, the things we say communicate less than how we move, our posture, the way we gesture, walk, even breathe.

But why? Have you ever wondered?

Simply because the body language is the oldest.

Our ancestors communicated for thousands and thousands of years with only non-verbal language, words came later.

If body language is important in communication in general, even more so in seduction.


Because seduction is also something very ancient and deeply "animal", our instincts related to seduction are linked to reproduction, the mechanism that drives the living species for a very long time.

Seduction and body language: what to do in practice?

So one of the first things to do in seduction is to improve your body language, we've already talked about this in two articles:

  • How to become more beautiful in 10 seconds: the 6 things to change about your body language
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This about our own body language, but that of others?

Understanding other people's body language is useful in seduction?

There are many men who once they start getting interested in seduction immediately go to study texts that teach how to read body language.

It is useful to understand body language in seduction? It is important to study these things?

I'll give you a heads up: you already know how to read real body language? You already know how to read it!

Unless you're blind, you instinctively already know how to read other people.

It's probably both a natural and an unconsciously learned skill, and it's obvious that it is: it's said a lot that we communicate more with body language than with anything else, so it means we read other people's body communication very well!

Want proof?

A man walking past you with his head down and a sad expression, what does that make you think about? To someone who has just won the lottery?

I don't think so… Among other things, it is significant that to make you understand his expression I have only one way, to say "expression sad", so already give a reading.

Another example?

A couple, man and woman, gesticulating forcefully against each other, what do they make you think of? They are saying they love each other? Mmmm, again I don't think so…

You know how to read body language very well, on this we understand each other.

But in seduction is useful to understand even more the language of the body and study it consciously? In other words, it is useful to understand that gesture X can mean Y?

The answer is yes and no.

For most men who begin to study seduction, at the beginning of their path of seductive improvement is not useful. Later maybe yes, but the early days are not is useless, it may well be harmful.

Because tell me: a person who has problems with women… what does he do with understanding all their body signals and analyze them? They do not do anything with it, it can be useful instead to understand some simple signs of interest to begin to better understand the female world that has seemed so indecipherable for so long.

However, over time this also becomes instinctive, you want to know how many signs of interest I rationally look at? Not even one! Zero! Nada!

I don't really think about signs of interest, I let my gut do its job, which it knows how to do very well by now.

But at the beginning maybe it can be useful to understand some signals of interest, what is quite different is to study books upon books of body language remaining obsessed.

Yes because often these men are likely to be a bit obsessed with the study of body language , so they ask me in the comments "In the moment X made the gesture Y, what does it mean?".

I can't know, because body signals have to be read as a whole, in their context, maybe even knowing the before and after, and I don't have all that information in the comments.

Hyper-analyzing these things does you no good and often hurts you!

My advice, in this case, is to improve first in seduction and then, if you want, study body language that let's understand it is one thing beautiful, useful, and interesting, but not at the beginning of your process of seduction improvement.

(aka Reborn)

P.S. And now all to study 10.000 books on body language!!!

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