Although there are hundreds of articles on this site about seduction, there are still men who ask me: "Marco! How can I overcoming shyness with girls?"How to be more confident with women? How not to be intimidated?".

Actually on whatever level you are, it may be that in some situations you feel a little intimidated, it happens!

In other words: this article can be really useful to everyone.

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Well, let's go now to talk about shyness, or rather, how to overcome it.

5 points to overcome shyness with women

Hello? Let's get started:

1. Realize they can't do you really hurt

You can be afraid of vicious animals, heights, war, poverty, anything that can really hurt you by.

But… fear of women?!?! What a woman can ever do to you?!

She's definitely not a dog that can bite you . Well… ok, maybe in intimate situations it can do that, but maybe in that case you like her too.

A woman is a normal human being, there is no reason to be afraid.

2. Realize that is you are cheating yourself

When you tell yourself "That girl intimidates me" o "Man, beautiful women always intimidate me a little bit." you are actually taking the piss the most important person of all: yourself.

You are self-hypnotizing, self-suggesting, as if your fears are well-founded, as if there is a real reason to be intimidated by, but that reason is not there!

Specifically: stop repeating these negative conditioning to yourself.

3. Imagine a woman in the morning just getting up

The media has been great at getting it into our heads that "beautiful women = unattainable women", which is also why when you see a beautiful girl you get a little intimidated.

I'm 100% sure that if you saw the same girl without makeup, without the dizzying little dress and 12 heel, you would understand that there is no reason to feel intimidated, no reason to feel shy towards that girl.

And then!? What was it that intimidated you? You?! NOOO! Makeup and Dress!

You want to be intimidated by mascara and fabric?!!??! hahaha Please!

Practical method: when you are intimidated by a woman, imagine her in the morning when you just got up, but not for a second, imagine her for several minutes several times, and try to see how your image of her changes.

Let's get this straight: she'll always remain beautiful, but she'll lose the unattainable woman aura.

4. Expose yourself gradually

In small but steady steps, expose yourself to situations that you consider difficult And challenge yourself, this way the fear of rejection will go away.

It's called "progressive or systemic desensitization," and leaving out the big word, it's something that is very simple.

In practice, the more you expose yourself to a stimulus the less that stimulus will affect you, so if you expose yourself to situations that you deem difficult, little by little, you will no longer feel the discomfort.

This applies to women as in everything else in life.

The more women you know the better, and if you're looking for a practical tool to meet lots of women check out How to Meet New Women.

5. Boost your confidence in every area

Seduction is not something separate from life, it's part of life. If you gain confidence in other areas you will feel safer even with women.

What to do in practice?

Try new things and, as mentioned before, expose yourself to situations that you find difficult: the more you do it, the more you increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities, and this will rub off on women, guaranteed.

How to do? For example you can take a look at Confident in 60 days, a path that has transformed and continues to transform hundreds of men for the better.

P.S. And you? You consider yourself shy with women? If so, tell me what you're going to do to overcome this shyness, feel free to post in the comments below! If, on the other hand, you have already overcome this shyness tell us about what you did in practice, So that others realize how things can change with a little effort.

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