I want to confide to you one thing that characterizes me: I am a person who loves efficiency, i.e. I want to get the maximum results with minimum effort and it is precisely for this reason that I tend to focus on the most important things: those that generate fruits for me, leaving out those unimportant if not unnecessary.

Why I tell you this?

Because even in seduction there are moments to exploit, that is, situations that can give great opportunities.

It can be for example when your friends tease you: if you take advantage of a situation that is not very pleasant, you can show your imperturbability by acquiring value.

Or it can be a test made by a girl: you can reverse the situation by putting her under test ;-).

But today I want to tell you about a situation in which I found myself thousands of times: I'm talking about when a group of boys talk about women and sex.

It's typical, you're alone among men, maybe during a night with friends or in the locker room, and you start talking about women!

What is interesting is that you can always see extreme behaviors, there are those who pose as playboys telling "revised" stories of great nights with more girls, there are those who pose as sex gurus and give advice to everyone, while there are those who become as red as a bell pepper for embarrassment.

In short: it seems that there is no middle ground and then not to say that this kind of talk as well as often lead to machismo denote a strong mentality of scarcity, a sad show in short!

These behaviors are harmful, because they don't give the impression of a person who lives his sexuality in a healthy and natural way, and a girl senses this.

Attention that is very important: it is possible that a friend of yours throws you a malicious dig that concerns sex, maybe in a sexual way presence of girls or that anyway a girl will test you by making jokes about how she "doesn't want to give it to you" or that she doesn't consider you a good bed partner.

The speech is not trivial because in such moments a negative reaction of yours will make you lose points, and in fact I ask you: do you think a girl wants to open herself sexually with a guy who hides complexes or blocks in this area?


So how to?

The thing that matters most is that you make it clear that these speeches do not embarrass you at all, that they are very normal speeches, I tell you more, it is important that you live with total serenity these moments: after all you are talking about a beautiful thing no?

AThen act like you're talking about a good thing, maybe even laughing about it.

Take advantage of these moments to show that you live your sexuality well, this a girl will sense it and appreciate it for sure. 😉

But it's important to tell you also this: don't overdo it, because you don't have to prove anything to anyone. So it's okay to laugh, joke and make jokes, but it's not okay to show off that sex is your daily bread, so have common sense, because remember that "those who show off too much, actually have something to hide" ;-).



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