In earlier articles we’ve got seen how the detrimental inner dialogue (our pessimistic inner voice) will get in the way in which of our journey in the direction of an ever higher life.

The excellent news is that this inner dialogue might be managed, and the even higher information is that there are various methods to do it.

However earlier than we determine what to do to eradicate this detrimental voice it is very important have the suitable perspective, as a result of while you lastly uncover the significance of those dynamics you typically make a really harmful mistake: you attempt to struggle these detrimental ideas with drive, and this solely reinforces them.

If in case you have tried to silence the interior voice striving to make her shut up, you’ll discover that after a couple of seconds she comes again extra intense than earlier than, that’s, you do nothing however make her stronger.


As a result of the voice comes from the beliefs, the beliefs are rooted within the unconscious and the unconscious is way stronger than the acutely aware: you possibly can say that within the direct conflict acutely aware VS unconscious the second wins.

Consequently, any try to interrupt down voices and beliefs by drive is not going to solely be ineffective however will make issues worse, as a result of the interior dialogue follows the third legislation of dynamics: "For each motion there’s an equal and reverse response."

If you happen to attempt to block your inner voice with drive, she is going to reply with the identical, if not higher, drive.

What to do then? Higher to say what NOT to do.

As a substitute of combating face-to-face you possibly can keep away from direct confrontation and eradicate detrimental inner dialogue vicariously in varied methods, methods we'll go over within the subsequent few articles.

However to start with, as I mentioned, you want the suitable psychological perspective, which might be summarized in a couple of easy phrases:

Settle for your detrimental inner dialogue, however don't take heed to it

Now that you’re conscious that now and again your little voice will say that "you're a loser" that "you possibly can't do it" that "she's too good for you" and so on., you in all probability suppose that typically you possibly can't do it. and so on. … let it go.

Don't struggle the voice, don't get pissed off you probably have it, as a result of it’s important to perceive that you’re not a loser when you really feel it, you’re a loser if you’re a slave to it!!!

The true slave is the one who thinks he’s free, the one who doesn’t see his chains, that’s, in our case, the one who doesn’t notice his detrimental inner dialogue.

The second you notice this you could have already begun your means of liberation, however you can’t break the chains by drive, so you’ll have to do it with crafty, as I’ll clarify within the following articles.

So: you hear a detrimental inner voice… and it's regular that you just really feel it okay?!

Don’t struggle it immediately, settle for its existence as you settle for another noise of little curiosity.

Strive listening to the noises you haven't heard, these noises which can be taking part in within the background as you learn this text.

They’re there, you don't get indignant if they’re there, you simply hear them, however you don't take heed to them. That is what it’s important to do when the detrimental voice is speaking to you.

That is the successful psychological perspective to vary: now that you’ve understood it, we will transfer on to "What to actively do to not reinforce your detrimental ideas", after which transfer on to self-sabotage and at last arrive at strategies to eradicate inner voices.

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