You are still virgin and you are no longer a kid? Maybe you have 30 or maybe even 40 years or more?

I know, you feel it as a big problem but avoid worrying because in this article we analyze the issue and see how to solve it.

We have already written an article about being a virgin, but in that article we were talking about younger men, around 20-25 years old, and so it's different for them.

At the same time I still recommend that you read that article, you will definitely find useful insights for the your situation.

Anyway … below we talk about being a virgin when you have more years.

Let's start!

A wrong view of the world

In a society that tends to move the age of first sexual intercourse downward more and more (although the data on this is mixed), it may seem to you that the whole world keep having sex.

Every few years the media, in order to make news, come up with absurd situations of kids having sex too young in school bathrooms, and this causes a lot of buzz.

In fact, on average Italian boys have sex at 19.4 years, so the crazy news you hear is true, but they are the rarity.

For what interests us, this news affects your emotional state and on your beliefs: you feel like the whole world is "ahead" of you, and this makes you feel bad.

So let me tell you something: it is not true that everyone continue to have sex.

You'd be amazed at how many single men they don't even fuck once a year, and you'd be amazed at how many couples almost never have sex.

"Yeah ok" you will say "But it's one thing to have little sex, another to be a virgin".

Of course, in this passage I just wanted to give you an idea of the reality out there that can be very different from what you think, now however let's get more specific.

How to destroy the vicious circle of virginity

The problem with being a virgin at a given age is not the fact of being a virgin in itself, the problem is the vicious circle that is created in your head.

In fact being a virgin can make you feel not adequate with women, you are afraid to say and do bad figures in bed, and all this creates for you problems in seduction, women aren't into it and therefore consequently stay a virgin, and thus the vicious circle start again.

This leads not only to problem in seduction, but in some cases also to avoid Of having the ability to seduce women for afraid of having to sleep with her.

Sure, because while it's obvious that you would like to sleep with a woman, somewhere inside you also have fear of having to tell her that you are a virgin.

Now… let's get started on break up this vicious circle you are creating in your head and then we will move on to the more practical part.

To break this cycle you need to go and dispel some myths that you probably have in your head.

1. "I will be ashamed to say that I am a virgin when I happen to have sex the first time."

First of all. you should say so?

It's certainly not mandatory, so get the weight of the "I definitely have to tell them.", take a breath and relax, it doesn't get any better?

That said, not you have to say it, you can Saying that, it's your free choice.

Let me repeat: it is your free choice.

If you feel more comfortable saying it, do it, otherwise it's not necessary: it's your choice, and believe me, it's not even that big a choice after all.

"But what Marco" you'll tell me "I'm going to suck in bed the first time I do it, she's going to know I'm a virgin by the way I do it, she's going to know I'm not experienced".

At most he understands that you are not a champion in bed, and this you think is a problem?

Let's see..

2. "I'm going to suck in bed the first time I do it."

Yes, like most of men when having sex.

Yes, you got it right, most men are not great in bed, and I'm not saying the first time they do it, even after years and years.

So in the first place she will probably will not understand that you are a virgin, secondly she won't think you're doing it wrong, she'll think you're doing it like a lot of other men, that's it.

So I repeat: if you want to tell him well, otherwise no problem, it is your free choice, and not even that important.

3. "If I tell her, she will wonder why I am still a virgin."

Yes, she will ask for half a second, because if she likes you will forget about it right away.

You are you You're not the one who's jerking off about it, not her.

And don't ask any of your friends what they think, they are NOT in the same situation as a woman who is attracted to you, she will be transported by her emotions towards you at that moment and won't have the thoughts you think she will have.

In fact I'll tell you more, some might even prefer it. You got it right: there are some women who might prefer you to be a virgin.

Yes, because unconsciously you would be thinking "He's only been with me, I don't have to worry about any other dona, our bond like this is stronger than ever!"

They won't realize it, but their subconscious will make this argument.

4. "If I'm still a virgin it means there's something deeply there."

Unless you're in the 1% of cases, which we'll see later, there is absolutely no nothing deeply wrong with you.

If you're an average man, compared to your seductive skills, or even low average, however you find a way to lose your virginity.

If you haven't found it so far, it may even simply be… bad luck.

Sure, there are tens of thousands of men like you out there who don't have much of a way with women, however, these guys aren't virgins maybe just because one night they happened to meet a girl with whom there was attraction and taaaaac, they had sex.

Let's get this straight… there's something you can improve about yourself?

Definitely, and we'll see in a moment.

At the same time, unless you are part of the 1% of cases that we will also see this further down, there is nothing deeply wrong, only some aspects to improve.

No more paranoia

With these 4 points we should have swept away 4 unnecessary paranoia that you make yourself, if necessary Read them again calmly.


Because I already know, right away you won't be convinced, for years you've believed certain things, your identity has been formed on these arguments, on these fears, and so if it's the first time you read these points you'll probably be thinking "What the fuck?!!!".

There, that's your identity that doesn't want to admit it's been wrong for years!

So open yourself up to the possibility that things are different from how you think they are. Reread the points and then move on.

That said, so far we have only talked about the paranoia that you do, now we move on to the more practical part, that is how you act in the world.

What to do in practice to lose your virginity

Let's get down to practicalities.

If you are still a virgin there are 2 groups Of practical actions you might be doing wrong:

  • You don't have a way with women
  • You don't create opportunities to meet women

Very often a virgin man has both of these problems, because for example, not creating opportunities to meet women leads you to have little practice with them and therefore know little to do with them.

Now let's see together these two situations one at a time, on your part it is necessary that you are absolutely honest with yourself, because only by analyzing yourself honestly you can manage to understand what is wrong and solve it.

You are not good with women

The pitch is very simple: you do not have great seductive skills.

It happens, a lot of men do not have them and there is no need to worry, you're on the right site to improve.

Where to start?

I suggest you improve in 3 basic ways.

1. Correct the most common mistakes

Most men do 37 mistakes very common with women.

If you are still a virgin you probably make many of these mistakes so it's time to fix them, click here and download the Free Report that will allow you to correct these mistakes.

Follow it very carefully, probably the crux of the problem is just that.

2. Overcome shyness

You most likely feel that you are shy with women and this leads you to be shy a bit in general.

How to solve?

Simply by making a path, practical actions, that lead you to overcome your shyness.

Click here and watch this course.

3. Learn to seduce

Just after that you have started to correct your mistakes you can begin to understand what to do in practice to Dramatically improve your seductive skills.

For this you can take a look at Instant Attraction.

You do not create opportunities to meet women

It's crazy, crazy that so many times the problem is only this.

Okay, maybe you're not a champion in seduction, but to have sex once in your life you certainly don't have to be.

The problem is do not create the opportunities to meet women.

How many new women do you meet per month? If the answer is none or 2-3, then you have found the problem.

Note that I did not say "you don't have the opportunities", I said "not create opportunities", because it is a your responsibility create these opportunities, they certainly do not rain from heaven.

What to do in practice?

Here are the two best things to do for your situation.

1. Create more opportunities in general

Read this article about meeting women and girls and choose 3 ways to meet women who are more in your case.

After put them in place, because only with action you can achieve concrete results.

2. Put in place a proper strategy on dating sites

For your situation i dating sites are perfectYou are sitting comfortably at home and you can contact the right person hundreds of girls.

Many men, however, try unsuccessfully on these sites and say that they do not work … is it really so?

No, it is that not have the right strategy. In fact you need a multi-tested strategy that you can find here.

You are part of the 1%?

In 99% of cases the situation is solved with the things written above, there is however a 1% of cases where:

  • The things written above are fine
  • But at the same time you need a psychological help

I don't claim to know everything, and I know the limits of what I teach.

There may in fact be a psychological block of various kinds that prevents you from having sex the first time, a block towards women.

I'm not talking about shyness and things like that, I'm talking about something of deeper, and if this can be your case I suggest you to see a psychotherapist.

Be careful though: it is very likely that this professional makes you work only internally, this happens because he is not an expert in seduction, it is obvious that it is so.

So go to a specialist, but remember to implement all the things written above, with a work inside you and outside you (in the world, in practice) you will surely overcome the problem.

A hug.

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